How to initiate the group discussion if I know the topic well?

How to initiate the discussion if I know the topic well?

It is natural to feel excited if you know the topic well. The key here is to stay composed and make the best use of the opportunity.

Roughly structure your thoughts on a paper before you speak. Have a little introduction about the topic, some facts about the topic. Before you initiate the conversation, make sure you introduce yourself to other candidates. Be relaxed and maintain your confidence while initiating the discussion.

At times, it may happen that due to excitement, you start talking without a proper head and tail. Avoid such situations. Initiate only after making sure that you are aware about the topic. Don't be over confident.

Give a brief intro about the topic and slowly move on to the pros and cons of the topic. Other candidates may raise the questions. You should handle them properly without creating any enemy. Listen to their arguments with patience. If you feel that you are running out of points try to wind up gently and give others a chance to speak.
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