How to plot implicit defined graphs? - Gnuplot Programming

How to plot implicit defined graphs?

- Implicit graphs are plotted indirectly.

- The following example illustrates the process:
gnuplot> function(x,y) = y - x**2 / tan(y)
gnuplot> set contour base
gnuplot> set cntrparam levels discrete 0.0
gnuplot> unset surface
gnuplot> set table 'graphcurves.dat'
gnuplot> splot function(x,y)
gnuplot> unset table
gnuplot> plot 'graphcurves.dat' w l

- The function() sets the coordinates.

- The contour graph is defined in ‘graphcurves.dat’ file.

- ‘splot’ executes the function.

- ‘plot’ places the graph in the file ‘graphcurves.dat’ file.
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