How to prepare for IIFT entrance exam?

Which are some of the essentials that a candidate must work upon to efficiently to clear the IIFT Entrance Exam?

To appear at the IIFT Entrance exam which is supposed to be lengthy and difficult at times, the candidate needs to keep in mind the following essentials for easy, accurate and speedy clearance of the test paper:

• As General Knowledge and Awareness is that section of the IIFT Exam, that needs continuous update and can be the score gainer section of the exam, the candidate needs to regularly brush up his/her knowledge about General Awareness. Newspapers and good year books (like Manorama Year book) are good source of recent changes and updates about General Knowledge.

• As the number of questions varies from 120 to 135 and the duration given is 120 minutes only, the candidate gets approximately one minute or less than that per question. Hence the candidate needs to speedily and timely complete the question paper.

• For excelling in the English Comprehension section the candidate need to expand their vocabulary. For expanding the vocabulary, the candidate need to read a lot and must improve their sentence formation skills.

Which are the good books or study materials to prepare for IIFT Entrance Exam?

Some of the best books and their author / publishers which can be followed for the preparation of IIFT Entrance Exam are:

• Ace the IIFT by IMS Publisher
• IIFT Entrance Test 2012 10 Mock Tests for Admission into IIFT with solved papers
• Target IIFT – Past papers with five mock papers
• Cracking the MBA/MAT for MAT, FMS, XLRI, IIFT by Prof. Jagdeep I. Vaishnav
• Study package for IIFT Entrance Exams by Dharmendra Mittal
• NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Surendra Kavimandan (Ramesh Publishing House)
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