How to start as a freelance creative writer?

How do I start as freelance writer?

If you want to work as a freelance you can:
• Write blog/s
• Build a network by joining online communities
• Join real-groups of writers.
• Have experience of writing as much as you can.
• Post your CV on various websites of freelance employers

Creative Writing involves which kind of work environment?

Creative writing offers you to choose from various different environments. Today, every industry requires writing services of some or other kind. This is because almost every business requires writers for writing the content of their websites. Most of the creative writing jobs are filled with freelancers who work on per assignment basis. However this is not the best environment if you are looking for a regular income. Besides this, there are companies which hire their own copywriting teams. So if you are looking for regular income in this field you can go to publishers and get started as an editorial assistant. Other than this there are many other employers also who will employ you as a full timer.
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