How were Siddha Medicine methods different from others?

I am interested in knowing the history of Siddha medicine? Who were all involved in making this treatment known and successful?

Siddhars proposed the concept of Siddha medicine. They were the ones who started with the whole knowledge processes to create medicine and provide knowledge to others as well. Siddha medicine uses the processes having mercury minerals and minerals that transmute with each other. This was the technology that came up before the chemical technology came into practice. Siddhars used to perform alchemy which was a conversion of base metal into gold and then it was used in the creation of the medicine. They used to practice the art of making dead people’s soul entering the body of the living human being for sometime to prove certain ideas of magic. They used to possess several magical or supernatural powers and it was said that they can die or live at will. In their medicine they used to use herbal leaves for intoxication purpose and to get or put human being in hypnotic state.

It has been verified by the scientists that the art was true and correct and it was proven that the gold made from the base metal was done through supernatural powers of Siddhas.

How were the methods used by Siddhas to create Siddha medicines different from others?

Siddhas used to use following methods to cure diseases:

- Yantras were used to cure diseases by using some mystic magical powers into the pictures engraved on arm or in the form of chain around the neck.

- Use of herbs for medicine purpose for trial and error methods. This was effective after certain trials and when found out that it cure diseases then Siddhas started planting them.

- Chemical treatment has also been done to find out and cure diseases which made Siddhas very famous as all the diseases could be cure by them.
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