Hughes Placement Papers - C / C++ Questions.

Hughes Placement Papers - C / C++ Questions.

The students must have through knowledge of C and C++. In this section the students may also expect a few questions based on programming. The students are expected to find out the output of the program.

Here are some of the frequently asked C and C++ questions in the technical section of the Hughes written test:

1. Where can we implement priority queue?

2. What is the average and maximum height of sorted binary tree?

3. What does a checksum contain in TCP/IP header?

4. Where can Symmetric multiprocessing be done?

5. Where are the variables of function call allocated?

6. What does an object code does not require?

7. How can we define variables in middle in C++?

8. What are global variables in different files called?

9. Define Context Sensitive Grammar.

10. Explain the difference between C++ and C

11. Is monitor a memory management scheme?

12. Which is the best way of representing variables in recursion?

13. Where is CSMA/ CD used?
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