Human Genetics: A New Pursuit

Human Genetics: A New Pursuit

Human Genetics refers to the study of the genes of human beings. It has various divisions like classical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biochemical genetics, genomics, postulation genetics, developmental genetics and genetic counselling.

Study of human genetics can be helpful as it provides solutions to questions about human nature and helps in understanding many diseases and the treatments required for them. It studies the ways through which traits are carried from one generation to another.

With the growing trend in the field of education, this is a new option where students from a science background can make their career. Rather than opting for the usual engineering or MBBS, opting for this can offer you a variety of courses and job opportunities in India.

Qualifications Required

If you have opted for the medical stream in your Senior Secondary all you need to do is score at least 50% of marks in aggregate to be qualified for an undergraduate course in Human Genetics. Once you have completed your graduation with at least 55% of marks in aggregate, you will be ready for your masters in the same subject.

This course is not only restricted to under-graduation or post-graduation. You can also go for a Doctorate course in the same. The only requirement is good percentage in your Masters degree that may vary from 50-70%.

Various Courses

Undergraduate Courses- Bachelor of Science in Human Genetics, Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Genetics, Genetic Engineering (B. Tech./ B.E.)

Postgraduate Courses- Master of Science in Human Genetics, Master of Science Honors in Human Genetics, Master of Philosophy in Human Genetics

Doctorate Courses- Doctor of Philosophy in Human Genetics, Doctor of Philosophy in Genomics

Entrance Examinations

All India Pre-Medical Test is an entrance examination in India qualifying for all courses related to medicine. Most of the colleges conduct their own entrance exams for this course. Some of the colleges take admissions on the basis of merit of the students.

Job opportunities

If you have a good knowledge in human genetics, you can explore these career opportunities.

1. Genetic Counselor -A professionally certified counselor will be able to advise people on the subject of genes.

2. Laboratory Geneticist – This job would require working in a laboratory where research is done on genes, like DNA testing.

3. Genetics researcher – He/she performs the research work and analyses genetic data to look for diseases related to genes.

4. Genetic Engineer- He/she can be employed as a research scientist in scientific and medical research institutions or in the research and development departments of pharmaceutical companies.

Earning Potentials

Salary and perks in this profession depend on your academic accomplishments. And it may also vary from organisation to organisation.
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