Human Trafficking and Slavery as Threat to Security: Overview

Human Trafficking and Slavery as Threat to Security: Overview

Question: Human trafficking and slavery is a major threat to internal security of the nation. Discuss.

- With close to 2.5 million persons per year falling under the clutches of human traffickers, this lucrative illicit economy has threatened national security across nations

- July 30 was celebrated as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

- Close to 2.5 million adults and 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking each year

- Slavery is also rampant in nations

- Concerted and cohesive action is required for protection of future generations

- Human trafficking provides impetus for slavery such as forced labour, forced marriages, abuse of children in armed conflicts, forms of labour exploitation and sexual exploitation.

- Human trafficking is the third most lucrative illicit trade follows drugs and arms race

- Slavery prevalent in all nations of the world amount to USD 32 bullion and definitive US 150 billion as per non governmental sources

- Black money exchanges involved in human trafficking and slavery has to be attacked from each angle

- The United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons especially Women and Children/Palermo Protocol was passed in 2000

- In the Indian setting, traffic in human beings has been prohibited as a fundamental right granted in the Constitution

- Comprehensive law was laid down in the year 2013 which made trafficking an offence of criminal nature

- Justice Verma committee report has also acknowledged the role of stellar organisations such as Bachpan Bachao Andolan/BBA for suggestions and recommendations

- Delayed action by government agencies against trafficking has resulted in increasing incidence of the same across the nation

- As per official estimates, every hour close to 15 children go missing and 8 are never found

- Real percentage of trafficked children and adults will never be known

- International nexus of trafficking has manifestations such as large organised crime, cheap domestic help, forced marriages and more

- Children in armed conflicts, illegal adoptions, organ sale and forced marriages point to the implications of human trafficking

- Trafficking is an organised crime which needs concerted inter state and agency efforts

- The funding for human trafficking activities needs to be tracked

- Reintroduction to education is also a must

Facts and Stats

- In the year 2011, around 35,000 children were reported missing

- A majority of them (11,000) were from West Bengal

- Official estimates opine that only 30% of cases are reported so actual number is much higher

- UN Office on Drugs and Crime (2012) reported that the second largest number of cases of human trafficking were from TN following WB

- Data from MHA indicates 1379 cases of human trafficking were reported from Karnataka over a period of 4 years, while the number was 2244 in TN and 2157 in AP
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