Humans are aliens

Humans are aliens

As represented by many Hollywood and Bollywood movies, many people think that alien races come to land in need of natural resources, such as salt, water or minerals that are failing or lacking on their planet. Even a hideous theory circulates that there might be shortage of food on their planet, and therefore require humans to supplement their food source. It is not known whether aliens exist or not, however based on the assumptions and seeing from a new perspective let us indulge in a new discussion topic, Humans are aliens.


- As people living on other planets are aliens for human beings, similarly humans are aliens for people living on others planet.

- In human politics and law, an alien is a person who is not a citizen of native country forming an assessment base of who is alien.

- Aliens’ wants to come on earth for their own purposes, and humans wants to reach other planets to meet their own objectives.

- Aliens are said to be connected with technology and humans are no different. Nowadays they cannot live without electronic gadgets and even search happiness and completeness in virtual world.

- Aliens are considered as weird organisms, but as a matter of fact humans are weirdest in the world as they know the difference between right and wrong and then too indulge in wrong doings.


- It is not humans who should be stated as alien, but it is the system in which they live in should be called as alien system. The right acts needs justification whereas wrong acts are approved without any problem.

- Humans cannot be aliens as there is nothing like life on other planets. All the stories are assumed.

- Human use direct verbal form to communicate with each other and don’t possess any special power while as depicted by the movies aliens use telepathy for communication purposes.

- Humans are working on cloning and once it succeeds it would be better to call cloned humans as aliens. Till that time, humans are not aliens.

- In science fiction, the term alien is taken for fictional creatures that did not originated on earth, and so humans cannot be termed alien.


In science fiction, the term alien is taken for fictional creatures that did not originated on earth. At times, it is strictly used for nonhuman intelligent species coming from other planets. Don’t restrict your mind to definition of science. Just remember one thing, if you are acting weird and indulging into wrong doings, you are no different than an alien. Humans are gifted with power to think and take a righteous decision. So, it is better to use it to avoid being termed as an alien who don’t understands the norms of god-made world.
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  • RE: Humans are aliens -Shraddha (05/16/15)
  • I think, Humans are aliens because they working like aliens for the whole without thinking of their family, their kids....

    Even the systems makes them aliens. Recently, in a study Scientists came across some facts, that aliens do exists.

    It just a thing that Humans and aliens are living on different planets.