I have completed my CS course from ICSI. What are my career prospects?

I have completed my course from ICSI. Do you think I will be hired easily now? And also what is the scope for company secretary in future?

It has a good prospect for the times to come. But we also need to understand that this highly depends upon the educational background, knowledge, training and exposure that a student gets which enables him/her to provide a wide range of services to companies.

The demand for trained company secretaries is huge and someone who is capable enough can easily shape the career as desired. The position of Company secretary is very critical to the smooth functioning of an organisation or company. You not only hold a responsible position but also a high position in the management of a company.

A newly qualified candidate or fresher from ICSI may be employed as a company secretary, assistant company secretary or at an administrative level depending upon the skills of the candidate and also the organisation.
This is the primary path that everyone has to follow. Now, what takes one higher is his/her skills and hard work. Depending upon that one can become a member of board or a governing body of any company.

ICSI passed out can also obtain employment with certain academic institutes as a lecturer. The institute also appoints company secretaries as part-time examiners to evaluate the papers of students, revision or review matter for postal coaching, etc.
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