IBSAT - things to remember and test centers

What are the things to be kept in mind while appearing for the IBSAT Entrance Exam?

There are certain regulations and procedures set by IBS for the equality and smooth conduction of the IBSAT Exam, that has to be followed by the candidate for security purpose, failing which can result in the disqualification of the test. These regulations are:

• Reference material – Candidates are not allowed to take reference materials, papers and study materials in the test center. They are provided scratch papers to be used during the test.

• Personal Items – No other personal item except Photo Identification proof like cell phones, PDA’s, digital / analog watches and any other electronic or photographic devices are allowed.

• Breaks – No scheduled or unscheduled breaks are allowed during the IBSAT Exam, unless the authorized test center staff member allows.

• Visitors – No friends or relatives are allowed to allowed to wait or in contact with you during the commencement of the test. Candidates engaged in misconduct, disruptive or offensive behavior may be exempted from the exam.

Which are the test centers for IBSAT?

IBSAT is conducted at test centers all over India and the candidate can choose any of the test centers as per the availability and preference. As per the list displayed on the IBSAT website there are 85 test centers across India that conducts the IBSAT exam. List of these test centers can be obtained from the official website, http://www.ibsindia.org/application-guidelines.html
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