ICICI Campus Placements - Procedure and Information

ICICI Campus Placements - Procedure and Information

ICICI, a private multinational bank has been one of the biggest recruiters for the past 30 years and has been the top recruiter for fresher’s in the last recruiting season.

The pattern observed for recruiting for ICICI banks includes of the following steps, Aptitude tests followed by occupational personality questionnaire, group discussion, psychometric profiling and lastly personal interview. The Aptitude test usually includes questions based on logical reasoning, verbal comprehension, and numbers. The next is the Occupational Personality Questionnaire, this is an online test conducted by the bank. The questions in this are multiple choice questions and are time based questions. The questions cannot be determined as it is an internal test located on the website of the bank. The test is a time based exam and the best way to pass out and finish the entire test is to answer what your gut instinct tells you to do. Once you are done answering all the questions, it is important for you to press ‘finish’ twice or else your answers will not be submitted.

The results for the test are immediately produced.

The next level consists of the Group Discussion Stage, where in 5 – 6 candidates are called and are presented with some hot topic in the news or with any case study and the candidates are supposed to discuss the pros and cons of the topic. The judges analyse the analytical thinking, analysing the ability to handle business situations and problem solving abilities of the candidate.

The next level is of psychometric profiling of the candidate. This is an important level for passing the screening round for the candidate. As we all know that bank is a customer service industry and while dealing with customers the candidate need to be calm and composed to understand and solve the problem of the candidate rather than being impulsive and aggressive. Hence this test carries a lot of weightage in the selection process for the candidates. The psychometric test is also a questionnaire based test that assesses the preferred behaviour of the individual. Generally, you are supposed to answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the psychometric tests. Questions range from ‘you are contented when you are intricate in some project that calls for hasty action’ or ‘you are a slow eater’ or ‘you are an extrovert and easy on interacting with new people’ or ‘ you enjoy work which requires a niche attitude and keen eye on details’.

The last stage is the personal interview. Once you have cleared all the above mentioned rounds successfully, you appear for the final stage of selection which is a personal interview round, usually conducted by the HR head and the Department Head. In this round there is personal interaction and they judge you on your personal details, educational background, strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes.

ICICI bank intents at accomplishing those aspirants who are volatile and will succeed in all the roles offered to them in the banking sector. If you got to clear the interview and the selection procedure for ICICI you ought to be clear of your goals and why you need to join them as well as the reason you need to enter the banking domain, you should be clear of all those areas.
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