ICICI Placement Paper - Computer General Awareness Questions

ICICI Placement Paper – Computer General Awareness Questions

• What do you understand by Malicious Software?
a. Illegal ware
b. Bad ware
c. Malware
d. Malicious ware

• What do you commonly call the crime done for stealing password?
a. Spoofing
b. Identity theft
c. Spooling
d. Hacking

• A virus that uses computer hosts to reproduce itself:
a. Melissa virus
b. Time bomb
c. Macro virus
d. Worm

• An application that gathers user information and sends it to someone through the internet is
a. Spybot
b. Virus
c. Security patch
d. Logic bomb

• How many percent of security breaches was detected by computer in a recent survey of more than 500 companies and government agencies?
a. 85%
b. 50%
c. 25%
d. 99%

• Who do you consider as a typical computer criminal?
a. Trusted employee with no criminal record
b. Young hacker
c. Oversees young hacker
d. Trusted employee with a long, but unknown criminal record

• Who are responsible for committing majority of the computer crimes?
a. Insiders
b. Overseas criminals
c. Young teenage computer geniuses
d. Hackers

• Which is the most common password used in U.S or Britain?
a. Fred
b. Love
c. 123
d. God

• What can security procedures do?
a. Reduce but not eliminate risks
b. Are inaccessible for the average home user
c. Will eliminate all computer security risk
d. Are prohibitively expensive

• For authentication, most computers system relies on?
a. Encryption
b. Logins
c. Passwords
d. Lock and key

• Fill in the blanks:
Freeware encrypts data.
a. PGP
b. Private and public keys
c. Encryption
d. Firewall software

• What does a HTML virus infects?
a. Both a webpage and the computer that is viewing it
b. Your computer
c. A web page in the HTML code
d. None of the above

• Which is that program that uses a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive act is?
a. Virus
b. Trojan horse
c. Macro virus
d. Worm

• How much expenditure was invested to repair problems in regard to Y2K by business and government?
a. 100 billion dollar
b. 20 million dollar
c. 1 billion dollar
d. 100 million dollar

• The Melissa virus in 1999 was widely publicised as:
a. Trojan horse
b. Macro virus
c. E – mail virus
d. Time bomb

• Complete the following statement
Standardization of Windows Operating System and Microsoft programs has made the spread of viruses
a. Slower
b. More complicated
c. Easier
d. More difficult

• According to a survey, the companies lost how much money due to security breaches?
a. $1 million
b. $ 100,000 each
c. Five employees each
d. $377 million

• Which complex system takes on nearly complete responsibility for a task eliminating the need for people, verification or decision making?
a. Smart weapon
b. Autonomous system
c. Independent system
d. Missile defensive auto – system

• What do you use to measure things such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access?
a. Computer security
b. Biometrics
c. Smart weapon machinery
d. Bio – measurement

• Due to lack of what thing eventually terminates a worm virus?
a. Time bomb
b. Trojan horse
c. Virus
d. Time – related bomb sequence

• What will you use to secure a message?
a. Encryption key
b. Crypto system
c. Encryption software package
d. Cryptology source

• What is protected simultaneously while creating strong computer security which is used to prevent computer crime?
a. Personal space
b. Privacy rights
c. The number of cookies downloaded to your personal computer
d. Personal ethics

• Which is that hardware or software designed to guard against unauthorised access to a computer network?
a. Hacker – resistant server
b. Firewall
c. Encryption safe wall
d. Hacker – proof program

• Choose the correct option to understand what is scrambling of code?
a. Scrambling
b. Encryption
c. Password – proofing
d. Firewall

• Which software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating system are known as?
a. Security repairs
b. Security breach fixes
c. Refresh patches
d. Security patches

• Choose the correct option that can shield electronic equipment from power spikes.
a. Firewall
b. Encryption program
c. Surge protector
d. UPS

• Choose the odd man out, these options suggest safe computing except:
a. Disinfect your system
b. Don’t borrow disks from other people
c. Open all e – mail messages but open them slowly
d. Download shareware and freeware with caution

• Define a crime that is completed through the use of computer technology.
a. Hacking
b. Computer forensics
c. Hacking
d. Cracking

• State the full form of DDoS.
a. Distributed Denial of Service
b. Denial of Service attack
c. Distributed Denial of Sleep
d. Daily Denial of Service

• Theft in computers is most common for PDAs and which type of computers?
a. Desktop
b. Laptop
c. Notebook
d. None of the above

• What does PGP stand for?
a. Post Graduate Program
b. Pretty Good Protection
c. Pecan Grove Plantation
d. Pretty Good Privacy

• What do you understand by electronic trespassing or criminal hacking?
a. Hacking
b. Worms
c. Cracking
d. Virus

• Fill in the blank
It should now be common knowledge that users should not open ______________ from e – mail recipients that the user does not know.
a. Links
b. Pictures
c. Attachments
d. Videos

• Who records software monitors and records computer transactions?
a. Audit – control
b. Hackers
c. Security key
d. None of the above

• Which is the most frequent point of attack for internet commerce?
a. Internet
b. Social networking
c. E – mails
d. Operating system

• What is used to eliminate viruses?
a. Hackers
b. Security keys
c. Passwords
d. Antivirus
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