If Women ruled the world

If Women ruled the world


The role of men and women has been somewhat defined since ancient times. Since time immemorial, males have been given more importance because of various factors such as building of civilizations, hunting, getting food as well as other explorations over ages. On the other hand, the subtle contribution of women in fostering culture amongst other things has not been appreciated enough. However, like everything has to give a way to new, even old perceptions and structure have to give a way to new ones. Women have started to show that they are as capable as men and even though a large chunk of male population continues to be the breadwinner of the household, women do seem to be matching them steadily.

Change in world order

The world order has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last few decades. May it be the recent election of Julia Gillard in Australia or even Dilma Vana Linhares Rousseff in Brazil, women are rising up to the ranks all across the world.

The changed order does pose interesting question like what if women played a more decisive and powerful role and come to dominate the world in the times to come! The signs are already visible and even though the male ego may not be satisfied, it has to accept that women power is here to stay and is only likely to increase. First Prime Ministers such as Indira Gandhi of India and Margaret Thatcher of England have proven to be strong leaders. Women have also demonstrated their mettle in intellectual, creative and scientific fields with superb elegance. They have also made a big difference to the world through outstanding examples of social service. Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Madonna, Angela Merkel, Indra Nooyi, Angela Merkel, Aung Sang Suu Kyi amongst others have been some of the most powerful women who have had a huge impact on the world through their chosen professions or work. Even though it is easy to raise the point that they may be far and few, but women have risen from the shadows of men and carved out their own identity and the world has stood up and noticed it. Besides the extremely powerful women leaders, there are also women who are also making their name in still a predominantly what is a male dominated world. This is commendable as traditional societies only witnessed women lending a shoulder to men in their various pursuits whereas their own power or abilities remained latent.

From being a Wife to being a mother or just managing the house chores, women demonstrate their ability to handle multiple tasks with ease all the time. Women bring a certain level of compassion, love, beauty and virtue to the everyday life making it more meaningful. A study by World Bank had revealed that countries having higher number of women in parliament had lower levels of corruption.

India has increasingly recognized the role of female gender over time by introducing steps such as reserving one third of seats in parliament as well as various schemes to empower women. More number of women entrepreneurs such as Biocon founder Kiran Shaw also indicate the shrewdness and business acumen that women possess. There are divergent views on the part that if women do rule the world, the possibility of wars that caused so many catastrophes to the world may have been lesser. There is no doubt about the fact that women are emotionally stronger than men despite the menfolk boasting about their physical power. There is no doubt that a workplace needs more diversity to infuse better and fresh ideas.

While men are easy to please in some reliable ways, women are more devious and complicated making them capable of being nasty in a silent manner. But, besides this, the gentler nature of women would also mean that they would fight tooth and nail to ensure better condition for children of the world.


Even though we have chosen to see the brighter side of things, there is always a flipside to things. Women do possess the toughness to manage tasks in hand and also deal with people. However, managing the world entails a certain degree of cruelty that women might not engage in. The necessity of cracking the whip on people and situations may take a back seat as women are known to be gentler which can lead to more violence aggravating situations sometimes. Even though women are considered to be headstrong, the decisiveness with which men impose their decisions and authority is uncommon with a lot of women.


We can think about it all but there is not even slightest of clues that what would happen if women started ruling the world. However, there is one strange truth to things that men desire power to hang on to it whereas women do not wish to have it so much that they can make them let go of it.

Yes, skeptics can view this with a pinch of salt but this phenomenon may arise sometime in future and if it does the world would never be the same place again.
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  • RE: If Women ruled the world -sam parker (08/06/15)
  • It is just one view which is incomplete women destroy the world. see around the wornd there are lots of new issue created just becoz of women
  • RE: If Women ruled the world -ayushi gupta (07/17/14)
  • very well explained!!! but still require some more content....