IIT Kanpur Notches Up Another Success Story

IIT Kanpur Notches Up Another Success Story

IIT Kanpur recently unveiled its second supercomputer. This supercomputer is ranked fifth in India in terms of its performance. It is ideal for educational institutions. This supercomputer has been accorded rank 130 among the top 500 computers by a leading website.

This supercomputer has been unveiled after being carefully tested and assembled by a team under the guidance of deputy director S. C. Srivastava. It was unveiled by him along with the head of the computer centre, Ashish Dutta. The supercomputer has been promoted for use in education, research and training sectors.

Supercomputers have a vast range of uses in areas such as science and engineering. They can facilitate research and make it reach exceptional standards. A niche area where supercomputers are employed is High Performance Computing.

This specific type of research is used for the development and simulation of medical inventions, aerodynamics, genetics, redesign of medical equipment such as pacemakers, understanding nuclear explosions and evolution of galaxies as well as other far ranging areas.

Institute engineer Brajesh Pande has been selected as the systems administrator for the new cluster. This supercomputer has been built at a cost of 48 crore rupees. IIT Kanpur dean Manindra Agarwal has indicated that the need for a bigger machine was felt following the invention of the earlier cluster HPC2010. This is why HPC2013 was developed.

HPC researchers from two other IITs, Delhi and Bombay were also present at the unveiling. Others who attended the launch included HPC researchers from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and leading IT companies such as Intel and Hewlett Packard.

This supercomputer will make it easy to compute and conduct complex research in several key areas which is why it is being touted as a boon because of its value for education and research. It is a matter of pride that indigenous technology in India has advanced to a point where constructing world class supercomputers has become easy.

The increase in technological know-how and the advancements in technology have made it possible for leading institutions such as IIT to come up with new and innovative supercomputers. It makes sense that one of the topmost technology institutions in our country has now come up with a supercomputer that is the 130th most advanced and best one of its kind in the world.

Assembling and launching dream machines such as these which will make research easier and more productive are a massive achievement in the field of technology. World class institutions such as the IITs should be given the funds and freedom to innovate so that India advances in the fields of science and engineering more rapidly. Increasing the number of IITs is also a good move. It will boost the development of indigenous technology.
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