IIT’s in India have lost their charm

IIT’s in India have lost their charm

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), an astute institute for technological courses has remained as the number one institute of engineering courses. But has it successfully curbed the Brain Drain from India?


- Systematic and in-depth knowledge is imparted on each and every topic
- Personal attention is paid to each and every individual in the class
- The students studying in IIT are not only exposed to theoretical knowledge but also to the practical aspect
- Students are exposed to overall development
- They are also given opportunities to work on foreign projects, which gives them knowledge about the world as well as a flavour of the corporate world
- Good placements are provided
- Pay packages are high for the apprentices as very little on – the – job training is required


- Student’s do not feel confident in joining newly established centres
- The ratio between teacher and taught ideally should be 1:10 which has now changed to 1:16
- The quality of courses has also declined
- Professors these days are paying more attention on the research part rather than teaching to gain promotions
- The fees to enter IIT is pretty high, in which a student can also explore study options available abroad
- For a lot of students, allotments into their preferred stream is not possible and they have to compromise on the choice of stream allotted to them by the institute
- The lure of IIT’s is waning because of the influx of foreign colleges offering better global standards and courses
- With an increase in the number of IIT’s, especially in smaller towns, the faculty is not at par with the faculty allotted in the old IIT’s (Bombay, Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur)


- No doubt that IITians have had their own charm in the olden days due to their uniqueness, but in the recent days, due to an upsurge in the number of institutes IIT has not been able to retain its uniqueness and the brand name that it carried
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