ILO and Indian Labour Inspection Reforms: Perspective

ILO and Indian Labour Inspection Reforms: Perspective

Question: The ILO supports India’s labour inspection reforms. Discuss

• GoI is focused on quality and effectiveness of labour inspection system rather than just numbers

• Efficient system of compliance for labour legislation with the aid of IT is the focus

• At the 104th ILO conference in Geneva, GoI’s good governance initiatives were supported

• Rights of inspection authorities has not been curtailed but the interests of the working class have been safeguarded

• Inclusive growth and industrial harmony are twin objectives of India’s labour inspection reforms

• Avoidable transaction costs and in efficiencies should be removed as per the labour ministry

• Review and upgrading of labour laws to bring them in tune with needs of knowledge based economy is the focus

• India is a founding member of ILO

• It is a signatory to ILO conventions on labour inspection and tripartite consultation

• Amendments have been carried forward to labour laws in appropriate tripartite forums

• Countries which supported Indian stand include Myanmar, Ghana, Russia, China, Japan, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Singapore, Iran, Qatar, Fiji

• The commitment of the Indian side to accountability and social dialogue was appreciated

Facts and Stats

• ILO’s conference was attended by 185 member countries

• It is the single biggest international body for all labour related issues

• India has the world’s largest youth working population

• Economic Survey 2013-2014 has projected that proportion of working population in India will rise to 64% in 2021 with a majority in the 20-35 age group- this is the demographic dividend
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