Impact of e-Marketing on Indian Handloom Sector

Impact of e-Marketing on Indian Handloom Sector

Question: National Handloom Day was celebrated for the first time this year. Discuss how e-marketing is shaping the Indian handloom sector which is a symbol of Indian culture.

As part of the policy framework, DC Handlooms will partner approved e-commerce entities for e-marketing of handloom products in a manner which promotes the following

- Transparency

- Accountability

- Efficiency

- An e-commerce entity given approval by the Office will make a priority display of handloom products on its homepage

- This has led to an exclusive section for certified/branded handloom products of the India Handloom brand or Handloom mark

- Office of DC will promote handloom product marketing through the following interventions:

- Name as well as details of approved e-commerce entities will be shown in the website of DC Handlooms and disseminated through Weavers Service Centres and State Governments

- Need based generation of awareness will be carried out through Weavers Service Centres and prominent handloom clusters for dissemination of e-commerce facilities for the handloom weavers/producers

- A synopsis of the premium handloom products will be posted on the DC Handlooms website which can be referred by approved e-commerce entities in product catalogues for dissemination of data to customers

- In association with the availability, office space and IT infrastructure will be available for e-commerce entities which have received approval in Weavers Service Centres, Common Facility Centres and handloom clusters for providing support to weavers and entrepreneurs of weaving ventures in accessing e-commerce facilities

- Performance of approved e-commerce entities will be regulated and approval will be associated with extension of performance

Facts and Stats

- GoI has launched the policy to promote e-marketing of handloom products to reach younger customers

- Policy framework has been developed by the Ministry of Textiles with the aim of promoting producer and consumer interests

- Policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis on the basis of field experience

- This policy’s announcement follows the launch of National Handloom Day and India Handloom Brand
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