Importance of a Pet Grooming course

Is it important to undergo a course to become a pet groomer?

The foremost thing one requires to become a pet groomer is to have a passion for pets. You need to genuinely love the animals and work with dedication and patience. While you can start your career as a pet groomer by working as an assistant to an experienced pet groomer, it is suggested that you should go for a professional degree course. There are many institutes which provide a certificate course in the stream.

After the completion of a course you can join a salon as an intern or can work with an experienced groomer as an apprentice. A course can familiarize you with different breeds of pets, equipments used, basic hygiene and tried and tested ways to handle the pets. There is yet another advantage of going for a course. It gives you a practical exposure as most of these courses include in their curriculum, practical training.

Do I need to take a licence before I start as a pet groomer?

In order to start as a pet groomer, you don’t need to take a license. All you need is your hands on grooming and you can start your career. It is wise to undergo a diploma or a certificate course in pet grooming from an accredited institution. However in order to start your business, you need to take a business license. While working as a pet groomer doesn’t need a license, you need to get one in case you move ahead and enhance your skills as a pet behaviourist or in case you use sedatives and other medications for pet.
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