Increasing population density in cities - some problems and solutions

Increasing population density in cities has led to a lot of problems.

Identify one or two serious problems arising out of overly-populated cities & the step government and citizens can take to deal with them.

Indian cities are witnessing a stupendous change. From skyscrapers to malls, large scale residential construction to increasing number of vehicles on the road, population density has been consistently rising since the last decade or so.

Large scale migration from towns and villages has also led to urban agglomeration. This sudden surge in the population has resulted in cities getting over populated. One of the biggest problems which has come to the fore due to over population in recent times has been the scarcity of water.

A large number of people face shortage of water as the number of migrants are rising in cities. Since it is impossible to gauge the migration level, water woes have become a commonplace in these megacities.

The increase in density of population has also lead to worsening of the air quality. This is because a large number of unsettled population is dependent on burning wood and dung for heat as well as cooking. Also, the proliferation in the number of vehicles has led to increase in the burning of fossil fuels which only adds to the pollution in air.

It is because of increasing population density that large scale residential apartments are being built everywhere in the city. This invariably leads to cutting down of trees and forests leading to ecological imbalance. This also disturbs the harmony of nature as the habitat for flora and fauna has only shrunk over time.

The growing amount of slums in cities is also a sign of the failure in providing affordable and decent housing provision for a chunk of the population. The problems are myriad and both the government as well as citizens have to step in to change the worsening scenario.

Firstly, the government needs to ensure that adequate amount of jobs are provided at the state level in order to reduce the tremendous migration to cities. The pressing need of resources is the root cause of all prevalent issues in cities. If the government can attempt to monitor the migration to cities and keep a realistic target to lower the same over time, it can go a long way in maintaining balance of our cities. On the other hand, citizens can also step in order to stop the growing menace.

Promoting good health habits in your own neighbourhood can make a difference in keeping hygiene levels high. Besides this, providing sound education to the migrant population on health and sanitation can improve their quality of life.

A magic wand may not solve all the problems of over crowded cities but a little planning and a realistic attempt at making a difference can ensure that a better future for everyone living in cities.
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  • RE: Increasing population density in cities - some problems and solutions -Deepa Kaushik (04/11/14)
  • Rise in the population in the cities are mainly due to the migration in search of better employment opportunities and livelihood. This rise has not only led to the congestion in busy city life, but we are also facing a lack of space to provide shelter to all.

    Not all the migrants get lucky enough to get a nice paying job, resulting in the increase of slum areas and setting up of unauthorised colonies. The slums remain a favourite place for all sorts of infectious diseases to burst in to the city.

    Even the quality and quantity of the edible gets altered with the sudden surge of the population upward in a defined geographic area. This rise has indirectly affected the water and power supply as well. The demand and supply mechanism operating in an area gets highly disturbed.

    Providing employment opportunities across the country can help avoiding this drifting population. People also need to be educated for the importance of the agricultural sector and proper utilization of the available resources. If people could live on these principles, then they can create their surrounding into a much better place to live in, rather than this population explosion.