India-Georgia MoU on Electoral Cooperation: Key Highlights

India-Georgia MoU on Electoral Cooperation: Key Highlights

Question: Electoral cooperation has been attained between India and Georgia through the means of an MoU. Examine the highlights of this MoU.

Georgia was interested in advanced vote counting technology on account of which it signed an MoU with India for cooperation in the field of election management and administration

Major aims of this MoU are as follows

- Firstly, it stresses the promotion of knowledge and experience in electoral processes

- Secondly, it emphasises exchange of information, materials, expertise and personnel training

- The MoU also focuses on distribution of materials pertaining to electoral systems, voting technology, voters education and awareness as well as participation of women and minorities in the process of elections

- MoU will be an important means of strengthening and deepening mutual collaboration between ECI and Central Election Commission of Georgia with respect to electoral management and administration

- Partnership between the two organisations is ideal for progress of EMBs in the Eurasian region

- ECI has the distinction of conducting the largest elections in the world in a peaceful, credible and transparent manner

- Advanced counting technologies which enable rapid counting and quick declaration of election results were a special area of focus for Georgia

- Some areas of cooperation between ECI and CEC are as follows:

- Voter Education

- New Technologies

- Capacity Building of Electoral Stakeholders

Facts and Stats

- ECI has signed 20 MoUs so far with election management bodies and international organisations across the world

Some of the most recent MoUs have been signed with the following nations:

- Kyrgyz Republic,

- Yemen,

- Mauritius,

- Egypt,

- Venezuela

- Republic of Korea.
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