India has a democratic system but no democratic values

India has a democratic system but no democratic values


The Constitution of India was planned to keep the nation together, to take it on progressive path, to heal the past wounds, to make people from different communities and castes move forward in a common political environment. It wanted to take care of democratic institutions. But considering the present condition of democracy in India, the painstaking efforts of Constitution makers seem worthless. Do you believe that “India has a democratic system but no democratic values?”


• The only freedom that Indians enjoy is the freedom to vote. Apart from that all other freedom comes with various “ifs” and “buts.”

• Recently Supreme Court scrapped the Section 66A of the IT Act that prevented the people from expressing their views on social media platforms.

• India still has demons of injustice in the society. Dalits are still being not entertained to take part in panchayats elections in many villages. There is no political or economic justice either.

• The independents and well intended groups fail to get a place in political arena. The probability of winning an election relies on the number of goons and guns a person can line up.

• True democracy focuses on equality. Equality in social streams, equality in terms of opportunities and equality before law. However, what exists in India is rampant discrimination. There is a need to have a godfather to succeed in every field.

• In India, democracy is by the people but for the corrupt and a government of the corrupt. This is the new definition of democracy in India.


• India provides every citizen a right to cast the vote as he or she turns 18. So, the first principle by the people stands very much true.

• The 66a of the IT act is scrapped. It clearly demonstrates that the things are changing and people are getting complete access to their rights under democracy.

• The people who say that political space is only meant for people with goons and guns should not forget the recent success of AAP. It was even evident in the victory of BJP when it formed central government.

• There is not a single country that is 100% free of corruption. At least India has an act like RTI which indicates that wrongdoers are not above the law.

• Agreed that scams and scandals happened, but if there were no democratic values then these all must have never come out in limelight.


Today, what prevails in India is a democracy of elections. After a party wins an election, they become brazen and arrogant. Scandals, Scams, embezzlement and misuse of public funds, ironically, have become ‘Democratic Values’. However, this time different things are expected from BJP government. Well, there is no choice either. Indians can just hope that with new government they can proudly say that India has a democratic system as well as democratic values.
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  • RE: India has a democratic system but no democratic values -Deepa Kaushik (04/16/15)
  • India has a democratic system and yes, we also have the democratic values. But, in the due course of time, our democratic values are getting subdued and threatened by the corrupt authoritarian people. also we can say that our loss of moral values is one of the major reasons for the weakening democratic values in our nation.

    If we feel that we are losing our hold on the democratic values, we should not only blame those who have indulged in mal-practices and misusing their power and authority, but we should also blame ourselves i.e. we being the citizens of this country, who fail to stand up against the injustice and fight for our own rights. When we bow down to the mal-practitioners, we are giving away our rights voluntarily. Freedom is very hard-earned and we are slowly forgetting the pain of slavery and misery that we have fought all through to achieve this status.

    India is the world’s largest democratic nation and people are definitely enjoying their freedom and rights. If we have even the slightest doubt regarding our freedom and democratic values, we should actually compare our rights and freedom from those living in the autocratic nations. We are having a lot of privilege and freedom in comparison to those who are following the lines of kingship and autocratic rule.

    What we need to understand is that we not only have the rights and freedom in the democratic values that came in from our constitution, but we also have some duties that we should ideally perform to maintain our democratic system and keep enjoying our rights. We should be bold enough to stand against the injustice anywhere and anytime in our life. If every citizen attains the sense of duties, we can straight away rule out this discussion for the loss of democratic values.
  • RE: India has a democratic system but no democratic values -Jitesh arya (04/15/15)
  • Acc'n to me India has democratic system but no democratic values because we are only the people who elect the goverment by taking the money and after that we only blame the government that they are not the doing their work properly.Many people dosent know the law and until and unless we dont the law how we can take the advantage of democracy .So if we want that there should be democrativ vaues,firstly we have to change ourself
  • RE: India has a democratic system but no democratic values -Himansu Rath (04/14/15)
  • Hello friends ,

    According to me ,India has a democratic system and democratic values .if it is not then a "cha-wala" never become our PM and a common man never become CM of Delhi.
    Yes there is some MPs , MLAs who are wining from a seat 4 times ,5 times .1st they stand in the election then after they bring her wife ,son ,daughter to the politics and start a family politics.i hava a doubt that why people accept them ? when we use a toothpaste and not accept this toothpaste 2nd time regularly ,then why we accept a same leader for again and again ? their is no problem in our system , problem is with us.consider Delhi example , people want change so they change the system.

    Now a days there are major changes in our country like coal auction ,Telecom spectrum ,controls on mines ,produces a huge revenue , for the E-auction every people know the revenues and how the money uses and it also reduces the corruption.this all done for democratic system.