India-Mongolia MoU on Cooperation in Traditional Medicine & Homeopathy

India-Mongolia MoU on Cooperation in Traditional Medicine & Homeopathy

Question : MoU Between India and Mongolia in the field of traditional systems of medicine and homeopathy is a positive development. Discuss.

- An MoU has been signed between the Government of the Republic of India and Mongolia for strengthening and promoting cooperation in traditional medicine systems and homeopathy

- Signing the MoU will aid the two nations in deeper comprehension of traditional medicines and their management systems on two sides thereby improving cooperation in the field of traditional medicine

- Major areas of cooperation outlined by the MoU between the two nations is as follows:

- Promotion of traditional medicine systems

- Exchange of experts in the field of traditional medicine

- Mutual recognition of pharmacopeias and formularies as well as educational qualifications awarded by Central/State recognised universities of respective nations

- Establishment of academic chairs

- Recognition of traditional preparations on reciprocal basis according to existing laws of respective nations

Facts and Stats

- Diplomatic ties between India and Mongolia were established on 24th December 1955

- Apart from countries from the Socialist bloc, India was the first to establish bilateral ties with Mongolia

- 2015 is the 60th anniversary of establishment of ties between the two nations

- India-Mongolia Joint Committee on Cooperation (IMJCC)’ headed by Minister of State for External Affairs on the Indian side and Minister of Education and Science from Mongolia has also been established
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