India-Russia MoU on Space Cooperation: Highlights

India-Russia MoU on Space Cooperation: Highlights

Question : A new MoU has been signed between ISRO(India) and ROSCOSMOS(Russia). Discuss the highlights of the MoU

India and Russia are jointly pursuing programmes in areas of space research

- Indian Space Research Organisation/ISRO and Russian Federal Space Agency(ROSCOSMOS) have come a new agreement/MoU on cooperation expansion in the field of exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes

- No transfer of space technology is envisaged as part of the MoU

- Highlights

- MoU provides scope for development of joint activities in sectors of mutual interest which include the following:

- Satellite Navigation

- Launch Vehicle Development

- Critical Technologies for Human Spaceflight programme

- Remote Sensing of Earth

- Space Science and Planetary Exploration

- Use of Ground Space Infrastructure

- Particular cooperation proposals included in the MoU comprise the following:

- Joint projects

- Sharing of expertise and resources

- Development of space systems and components

- Scientific exchanges

- Training and scientific cooperation

- Technical meetings

- Further provisions included in the MoU for concluding specific agreements for certain areas of cooperation covering objectives, procedures and financial aspects

- MoU was signed by ISRO and ROSCOSMOS recently

- Extension of space cooperation between the two nations is going to benefit ISRO in further consolidation and augmentation of space programme in numerous domains including space exploration

Facts and Stats

- Space cooperation between India and Russia dates back to 40 years

- India’s first satellite Aryabhatta was launched on USSR launch vehicle Soyuz

- In the year 2007, a framework agreement was signed between Russia and India for peaceful use of outer space, including satellite launches

- GLONASS navigation, remote sensing and other scientific applications are also the outcome of cooperation between the two nations

- In June 2015, an MoU was signed between the two nations on the expansion of cooperation in the field of exploration and use of outer space in a peaceful way
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