Indian Air Force Placement Paper - General Awareness and Current Affairs

Indian Air Force Placement Paper - General Awareness and Current Affairs

1. Which metropolitan hosted of Asian Development Bank meeting in 2013?

A. Singapore
B. Dubai
C. Manila
D. New Delhi

2. Who is the Indian origin Doctor who recently won a seat in London assembly?

A. Dr Sanjay Gupta
B. Dr Ranveer Singh
C. Dr Gurpreet Singh
D. Dr Onkar Singh Sahta

3. Who is the president of France?

A. Tony Tan
B. Francis Hollande
C. Jullia Guillard
D. Nicholus Sarkozi

4. Recently ISRO gave clearance for the use of a frequency band range from satellite for the use of internet in trains. What is that frequency band?

A. K band
B. G band
C. S band
D. KU band

5. Which West Indian cricketer is set for Bollywood after the IPL?

A. Brian Lara
B. Shiv Narayan Chandrapaul
C. Chris Gayle
D. Ram Naresh Sarwan

6. Chief Minister of which state has demanded a law which deals with the discrimination suffered by North Indian students?

A. Assam
B. Nagaland
C. Meghalaya
D. Mizoram

7. Who is the Prime Minister of Russia?

A. Michael Gorshkhov
B. Dmitry Medvedev
C. Vladimir Putin

8. When is World Red Cross Day celebrated?

A. 8TH May
B. 12TH May
C. 10TH May
D. 7TH May

9. When did MotoGP make its debut in India?

A. 2013
B. 2011
C. 2014
D. 2015

10. Name the child actor who died in the Nepal plane crash tragedy who also acted in the movie “Paa”?

A. Anamika Dholakia
B. Samir Singh
C. Arjun Kapoor
D. Taruni Sachdeva

11. Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to set up development and management authority to promote which sport in the state?

A. Chess
B. Golf
C. Cricket
D. Hockey

12. Who won the Hopman cup in 2013?

A. Spain
B. Great Britain
D. Serbia

13. Who won the Thomas Cup 2012?

A. Jwala Gutta
B. Saina Nehwal
C. Lin Dan
D. Beeru Gupta

14. Name the oldest woman from Japan(aged 73) to make a climb successfully at the Mount Everest?

A. Shize Tabie
B. Tamae Watanabe
C. S. Kumar
D. Junko Tabaei

15. Which Raj Kapoor film has been added to the list of 100 all time greatest films ever made since 1923 by the Times?

A. Awara
B. Shree 420
C. Joker
D. Junglee

16. Which state aims to go fully organic by the end of 2015?

A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Sikkim
C. Punjab
D. Haryana

17. 13 year old swimmer Adzo Kpossi was the youngest competitor in London Olympics 2012. She belonged to which country?

A. Trinidad and Tobaggo
B. Togo
C. Nigeria
D. Lesotho

18. Name the Nobel laureate who is the first chancellor of the newly proposed Nalanda University?

A. Amartya Sen
B. C.V. Raman
C. S. Chandrashekhar
D. Mo Yan

19. Keshubhai Patel, former CM of Gujrat resigned from BJP and launched which party?

A. Gujarat Janta Party
B. Gujarat Union
C. Gujarat Congress Party
D. Gujarat Parivartan Party

20. What is the name of the Indian Cricketer who took an oath as a Rajya Sabha MP?

A. Kapil Dev
B. Rahul Dravid
C. Sachin Tendulkar
D. Anil Kumble

21. Where is the Head office of UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India) located?

A. Mumbai
B. New Delhi
C. Bengaluru
D. Hyderabad

22. 2012 was the year when for the first time an Indian American girl won the spelling bee competition. Name her.

A. Snigdha Gupta
B. Richa Gupta
C. Snigdha Nandipati
D. Snigdha Shrivastava

23. Who took over as the new chief of Indian Navy?

A. Pawan Kumar
B. N.A.K Browne
C. D.K. Joshi
D. Admiral Nirmal Verma

24. Name the Pakistani Interior minister who has been suspended for dual nationality?

A. Rahman Malik
B. Rahman Khan
C. Parvez Musharraf
D. Hina Rabbani

25. Name the recently launched Indian movie which has been nominated for Oscars?

A. Khiladi 786
B. Chak De India
C. Jab Tak Hai Jaan
D. Barfi

26. Who was the event ambassador of ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup 2012?

A. M.S. Dhoni
B. Sachin Tendulkar
C. Lasith Malinga
D. Mahela Jayawardhane

27. Which of these social networking sites has unveiled a new logo 6 years after its launch?

A. Twitter
B. Yahoo
C. Google+
D. Facebook

28. Talking ATM machines have been launched in which city by the Union Bank of India?

A. Mumbai
B. New Delhi
C. Ahmedabad
D. Surat

29. Who has been appointed as the new Chief election commissioner of India?

A. Hari Shankar
B. Parveen Chawla
C. V.S. Sampath
D. S.Y. Querasi

30. How many medals were won by India in London Olympics 2012?

A. 7
B. 9
C. 6
D. 5

31. Which country won the highest medals in London Olympics 2012?

B. India
C. China
D. Russia

32. Which two of the eight planets in the solar system came together on 15 August 2012 after sunset?

A. Mars and Saturn
B. Venus and Mars
C. Pluto and Saturn
D. Mars and Jupiter

33. Who was India’s flagbearer in London Olympics 2012?

A. Sushil Kumar
B. Krishna Poonia
C. Leander Paes
D. Krishna Poonia

34. Which company is responsible for Blackberry?

A. Apple
B. Sony

35. What was the name of India’s first launched educational tablet?

A. Aakash
B. Alphabetics Computer

36. Which state high court scrapped the 4.5% quota for minorties set by Union government and carved a new 27% quota for OBCs?

A. MP High Court
B. Andhra Pradesh High Court
C. Rajasthan High Court
D. West Bengal High Court

37. Which player was Player of the Tournament for Euro 2012?

A. Andres Iniesta
B. Xavi
C. Leo Messi
D. Cristiano Ronaldo

38. Who was the first president of Indian National Congress?

A. Jawahar Lal Nehru
B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C. Lal Bahadur Shastri
D. W.C. Banerji

39. Who is ICC ODI Cricketer of the year 2012?

A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Kumar Sangakara
C. Hashim Amla
D. Virat Kohli

40. Who is now the 156TH member of WTO?

A. France
B. Sudan
C. West Indies
D. Russia

41. Which year saw the merging of Indian Airlines and Air India?

A. 2010
B. 2009
C. 2008
D. 2011

42. Name the first British cyclist to win Tour de France

A. Lance Armstrong
B. Wayne Rooney
C. Bradley Wiggins
D. Andrew Flintoff

43. Who took away the peacock throne of Shahjahan?

A. Mohammad Gauri
B. Nadir Shah
C. Changez Khan
D. Timur

44. What is the term of office of a judge in the international court of Justice?

A. 9
B. 6
C. 11
D. 7

45. Who was the winner of Norman Borlaug Award in Field Research and application:
A. Aditi Mukherjee
B. Uma Devi
C. Priyanka Gupta
D. Aditi Kumar

46. Name the person who was convicted by International Criminal Court for the first time?

A. Asikano Amano
B. Rajat Gupta
C. Thomas Handy
D. Thomas Lubanga

47. From where did the 1857 revolt originate?

A. Meerut
B. Jhansi
C. Lucknow
D. Delhi

48. Where is the Sun Temple situated?

A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Jammu and Kashmir
C. Assam
D. Orissa

49. Which of the following rights is sought against illegal detention?

A. Mandamus
B. Prohibition
C. Certiorari
D. Habeas Corpus

50. Parliament of which country drafts its own Constitution?

A. Libya
B. Nepal
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Egypt

51. Which party has the popular activist Arvind Kejriwal as head?

A. Aam Janta Party
C. Aam Janta Union
D. Aaam Aadmi Party

52. Who has sworn in as the first non White president of Brazil’s supreme court?

A. Maria Stella
B. Joaquim Barbosa
C. Sirleaf Johnson
D. Lula de Silva

53. Who has been appointed as the director general of British Broadcast Company (BBC)?

A. Tony Hall
B. Allen Ray
C. John Robert
D. Indira Nui

54. Who won 100TH Davis cup by defeating Spain?

A. Germany
B. Brazil
C. Czech Republic
D. Italy

55. Which Indian high court has started E Court fee system?

A. Delhi High Court
B. Jabalpur High Court
C. Kolkata High Court
D. Mumbai High Court

56. Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist who was convicted for 26/11 attacks was hanged in which jail of India?

A. Yarvada Jail
B. Central Jail
C. Sanganeri Jail
D. Tihar Jail

57. Who has been honoured with Col C K Nayudu lifetime achievement award?

A. Kapil Dev
B. Sanjay Marzekar
C. Sunil Gavaskar
D. Mohammad Azaruddin

58. At what place was the 21st ASEAN Summit held?

A. Birla Auditoriam Jaipur
B. Peace Palace Phnom Penh Cambodia
C. Cuba, Havanah
D. Palace of Dreams, New Delhi

59. Who is the author of the famous booker prize winning book “Life of Pi”?

A. Yann Martai
B. V S Naipaul
C. J M Coetzen
D. Julian Barnes

60. US President recently lifted ban on import from which country?

A. India
B. Nepal
C. Pakistan
D. Myanmar

61. Who founded Shiv Sena?

A. Raj Thackrey
B. Bala Saheb Tackrey
C. Sanjay Thackrey
D. Uddhav Thackrey

62. Who became the third Indo American to win US congressional elections after Jindal and Nikki Haley

A. Bobby Jindal
B. Ravi Rusia
C. Ami Bera
D. Ritu Beri

63. Who has been appointed as the head of Congress Coordination Committee for 2014 Lok Sabha Poll?

A. Rahu Gandhi
B. Sonia Gandhi
C. Man Mohan Singh
D. Pranab Mukherjee

64. Name the person who has been awarded the Educational Nobel prize Award in 2012?

A. Shanti Bhusan
B. Madhav Chavan
C. Ashok Chauhan
D. Madhavan Menon

65. Protection of Chidren from Sexual Offences Act launched on 14 November 2012 covered which artcle under the constitution of India?

A. Article 377
B. Article 45
C. Article 12
D. Article 18

66. Barak Obama who has been relected as President of USA belongs to which party?

A. Republic
B. Democratic
C. Conservative
D. Labour

67. Which State election commission has announced 50% of reserved seats in panchayat elections for women?

A. Nagaland
B. Assam
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Manipur
68. Newly appointed President of Indian Hockey Federation:

A. R V Reddy
B. Subhas Joshi
C. V Dinesh Reddy
D. Ranjit Sinha

69. Who is the current CEO of All India Tennis Association?

A. Subhas Joshi
B. Leander Paes
C. Vishwas Narang
D. Hironmoy Chatterjee

70. Name the Asian elephant who is able to produce human speech

A. Koshik
B. Garima
C. Dolly
D. Ram

71. What is rank of India in transparency International’s 2012 perception of corruption index?

A. 76
B. 95
C. 94
D. 89

72. Name the country which has legalised child abortion when the life of mother is at risk?

A. Holland
B. India
C. Ireland

73. Which Indian company newly signed an agreement with China’s Dalian Wanda group

A. Wipro
B. Infosys
C. Reliance
D. Bharti Airtel

74. Who was the CM of Uttarakhand in 2013?

A. Virbhadra Singh
B. Bahuguna
C. Vijaya Kumar
D. Nityanand

75. Who is the newly appointed Deputy Governor of RBI?

A. Urjit Patel
B. A.B. Patel
C. S.A. Sampath
D. Shyamla Gopi Nath

76. Which state of India has currently become the fastest growing state from 2006 to 2010:

A. Punjab
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Rajasthan
D. Bihar

77. Which Indian state has set up 25 new fast track courts to deal with crimes against women?

A. Maharashtra
B. Delhi
C. M.P
D. U.P

78. The safest city in the world as per a survey done by China academy of Social Science is?

A. Mumbai
B. Mexico City
C. Prague
D. Lhasa

79. Where was 100th Indian Science Congress held?

A. Jaipur
B. Chennai
C. New Delhi
D. Kolkata

80. Name the Australian bowler who has been recently inducted in ICC hall of fame

A. Shane Warne
B. Brett Lee
C. Jason Gillespie
D. Glenn McGrath
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