Indian voters can no longer be lured with false promises

Indian voters can no longer be lured with false promises


Indian voters are no longer lured by false promises. Voters are now aware of the happenings in the political, economic and social milieu. They are skilled at knowing all about the latest scandals and controversies. Social media as well as Google Hangouts are proving to be rich sources of information for potential voters in India. With the advent of internet technology in even the most rural areas of the country, voters are becoming aware of the latest political developments on an unprecedented scale.


• The most interesting thing about Indian voters is that they have become aware of key political issues. So many news channels and radio networks have developed in India that it is now impossible to escape from political news these days. National as well as regional media is covering the upcoming elections with much fanfare and voters have absolutely no opportunity of being misled regarding the latest political issues.

• Voters are also channelizing their energies into developing networks for acquiring information about political candidates and parties. This makes it very crucial for the politicians to be aware of how their image is being managed online as well as through print and audiovisual media. One wrong word or insensitive comment can prove to be a game changer.

• Cobbling up enough numbers has become the biggest mania with top political parties in India. Voters are now aware that political equations can change and the party being touted as the leader of the next government could very well end up in the opposition. Therefore, supporters of different parties are keeping in touch with the party offices and official spokesperson’s statements on online news channels and sites so that they are aware of the latest developments.

• India is a vibrant democracy and where only some pockets suffer from voter apathy. The rest of India is very well aware of what is happening on the social and economic front. Voters can also see through political tricks used by all the parties to garner support and mileage.

• Media is also working very hard to bring forth the follies and weaknesses of each of the parties rather than listening to only their official representatives. They are bringing intellectuals and activists into the fold so that they can analyze the political happenings and decode them for the common man.

• Top candidates are leading the race to the election in an exciting finale for the upcoming elections. Voters are actively seeking information about the latest happenings using chat sites and forums as well. Opinion building has become a very popular past time among companies managing the political campaigns of front runners for the post of prime minister.


India is the largest democracy in the world. Rural as well as urban voters have become much shrewder and discerning as time is passing. With each new election, voters are becoming aware of key political issues and how they can impact the future of India. Our country has reached a stage where it must work hard to become a superpower. This is only possible if India has progressive leadership. Voters are aware of this. This is why they will no longer be lured by false promises in the coming elections.
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  • RE: Indian voters can no longer be lured with false promises -Deepa Kaushik (05/08/14)
  • With the growing influence of media and faster technology of the Internet, Indians have become well verse with the current political trends of falsity and corrupt behaviour. The awareness has spread to a wide extent with the advancement in the technology and citizens are no more into the word tangles of the untrustworthy politicians.

    An important discussion of NOTA is a firm proof for the awareness of the Indian citizens who no longer want to vote just for a sake for excising their duty, nor do they want to provide the opportunity for the fake political game to use their vote as a forgery vote as per their requirement.

    Media has definitely spread the mass awareness for the actual status of the Indian politics. Though this has a incorrect virtue of our fame on the international market and our economy, still for the citizens this has been a good breakthrough to initiate a struggle for getting back their right of democracy.

    The fake promises of the politicians have started with the downfall with media digging into the issues for their program rating. This will be soon accompanied by the public backing to start the struggle to get regain our rights which have become toys into the hands of these politicians. Voters definitely have risen up from the darkness of the slavery under the corrupt politicians and will no longer vote them for any false lucrative promises.
  • Indian voters can no longer be lured with false promises -Rishika Jalan (04/02/14)
  • Indian voters can no longer be lured with false promises

    Gone are the days when the different political parties could win Indian public’s support in their favor at the time of the elections. Years ago Indian voters could be easily convinced and their decision could be easily modified. But now times have changed and the scenario is completely different. Now the Indian voters are much smarter than before and cannot be lured with the false promises of the government parties. The voters have an opinion of their own now which cannot be influenced y fake and creamy promises.

    Increase in knowledge

    With the increase in education the mindset of people is changing and they have started thinking more practically. They believe in long term gains rather than short term and also view things form a more practical point of view. They are not anymore carried away by the words of the parties and have started to voice their own opinion.

    Social media websites

    With the wide use of social media, it has become very simple to find out about any information. With technology advancement and increased use of internet in both urban and rural areas, the voters are becoming more aware of the political scenario. They are up to date with all the developments and mishaps which take place. Facebook and twitter are such social media websites through which news fly within seconds throughout the world.

    Other forms of media

    Other forms of media like the television and radio are another source which has become common in every household. With 24x7 news channel in all almost languages, people keep getting live updates of the happenings in their country and they know exactly what the real scenario is like.

    People of the India have become smarter than before and now they easily get hold of the tricks the parties use to lure them. They are aware of all the things the political figures are capable of doing and have formulated strategies to track them. This causes trouble to the political parties as now they have to be very cautious of their steps and also have to ensure that they maintain a good and honest public image all the time.

    With India heading towards a developed nation, it was necessary for the Indian voters to vote for the right and deserving candidates who would not just make false promises to them but would also fulfill them. And now that stage has come where people vote wisely by keeping all the updates of political scenario in mind. They select the best leader for their country who would help the nation towards a brighter future.