Indigenous Technologies Developed by C-DOT: Overview

Indigenous Technologies Developed by C-DOT: Overview

Question : C-DOT has recently devised indigenous technologies to meet the needs of digital convergence in the rural and urban India. Discuss.

Long Distance Wi-Fi System

- This is an all encompassing, versatile wireless platform which extends WI-Fi and IP connectivity to remote areas of the country in a power and cost efficient manner

- Product provides 100Mbps broadband speed to users from distant locations

- This Long Distance Wi-Fi has the following unique attributes:

- Direct Optical Fibre at WAN interface resulting in higher connectivity and consistency of bandwidth

- Mesh technology which boosts connectivity even when direct Line of Sight is absent; this will really benefit NE and hilly areas where connectivity is hard to come by.

- There is also support to link redundancy due to failure of one radio/link

- Technology is backed by solid operations, management and maintenance software

- This Wi-FI network is also powered by green energy(solar power) over long distances

Solar Powered Wi-Fi System

- This Wi-FI will operate in license exempt bands of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz

- This solution is perfect for outside environments and areas where there are variable input voltages and harsh conditions

- The solution is perfect for extending last mile connectivity

- It can also be used for Backhaul link for Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular base stations and base station controllers, ATMs, Database servers etc.

100Gbps OFC Link Suteevra

- C-DOT’s Suteevra displays superior bandwidth, high speed and power efficiency

- It creates enabling infrastructure for providing high speed user experience anytime and anywhere

- This solution can serve numerous protocols and applications such as Data, Storage, TDM, ATM and Video networks.

- It is a versatile 100G OTN platform based on latest technology which can be adopted in greenfield networks as well as existing OTN environments

- It can support a distance of close to 50 km in the absence of an amplifier

- It is ideally suited to market trends

C-DOT Next Generation Network (NGN) in MTNL Network

- This cost effective solution addresses the need of the changing telecom scenario and enable the TELCOs to make smooth, seamless transition from legacy TDM to advance VoIP Telecom technology.

- Technology has numerous hardware and software components

Facts and Stats

- These indigenous initiatives are part of the Digital India programme

- Various services such as voice, video and data can be launched through MTNL with various access based on IP

- Existing landline subscribers of MTNL can make the transition to IP based network

- Broadband connectivity and last mile connectivity are the enduring aims of these indigenous technologies
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