Indo-Australian Bilateral Ties: Impact on National and Regional Security

Indo-Australian Bilateral Ties: Impact on National and Regional Security

Question : Recently a milestone in India Australia bilateral ties was crossed when Australian Defence Minister visited India for the first time. Discuss how this will impact national and regional security.

- India is an emerging superpower in Asia and it has a long history of shared security interests with Australia

- From the first to the second world war, Indian and Australia have fought together side by side

- Shared history is coupled with shared democratic values and interest in Indo-Pacific security

- CECA will further strengthen India-Australia relationship

- Both India and Australia border the Indian Ocean and have interest in freedom of navigation and trade

- World economy is becoming reliant on Indian Ocean trade and regional security has acquired new importance in this context

- A framework for security cooperation which was to facilitate greater defence interaction was also facilitated during November 2014

- Building cooperation helps in promoting secure maritime environment

- By 2030, Indo Pacific region will account for 21 of top 25 sea and air trade routes

- Around two thirds of international oil shipments and one third of the cargo movements in the world will be from this region, so security means prosperity

- Navies engage in short term passage exercises and port visits regularly and this earth navies will conduct the first Bilateral Maritime Exercise-AUSINDEX

- Bilateral Air Force relationship through use of common platforms such as C-17, C-130, Hawk and P8 maritime patrol aircraft is also being strengthened

- P2P links through personnel and training exchanges will improve bilateral defence and security cooperation

- By 2050, half of the top 20 economies in the world will be in the Indo-Pacific region

- The South China Sea issue is also of mutual interest to both nations

- Peaceful means of resolution are preferable with the growth of military might

Facts and Stats

- India has shared economic history with Australia; Indian investment in Australia was AU$10.9 billion in 2014 while Australian investment in India was AU$9.8 billion

- Annual trade was worth nearly AU$16 billion
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