Indo-Myanmarese Joint Statement: Highlights

Indo-Myanmarese Joint Statement: Highlights

Question: The first meeting of the India-Myanmar Joint Consultative Commission was recently held. Discuss the highlights of the joint statement issued following this meeting.

- The first meeting of the India-Myanmar JCC was recently held between India and Myanmar. While the Indian delegation was led by Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Myanmar delegation was led by U Wunna Maung Lwin

- The JCC discussed a host of bilateral issues. Greater bilateral cooperation between India and Myanmar promotes inclusive growth and development thereby contributing to peace and prosperity in the region.

Bilateral Political Relations

- Current status of India Myanmar relations has been positive and new phase in bilateral relations is being entered whereby Myanmar is undergoing political and economic reforms

- Possibilities of twinning arrangements between states/regions in India and Myanmar were discussed in light of ethnic similarities and historical links

- Several institutionalised meetings will also be held such as the National Level Meeting, Sectoral Level Meeting, Joint Trade Committee and more.

- These meetings will be held for improving cooperation in fields such as science and technology, dairy cooperation, rail connectivity and border markets

- India has also promised help with capacity building of Myanmar election officials.

Defence and Security Cooperation

- The ministers reaffirmed their shared commitment to combat terrorism and insurgent activity in all forms

- Need for enhanced security cooperation between security forces and border guarding agencies for securing peace and stability in border areas was stressed

- Regular meetings of the bilateral Regional Border Committee was stressed on to promote cooperation and understanding for more effective border management

- Sound border management was emphasised to maintain border security

- Both reiterated their determination to resolve issues of unsettled boundary pillars in all sectors

- India-Myanmar Joint Border Working Group was formed to address outstanding boundary issues

- MEA held that joint survey by officers of Foreign Ministries must be undertaken to inspect earth blockage site on the Ti-Ho river

- Two sides also made arrangements for senior officials to be present in the Nagaland sector

- MEA reaffirmed the experience in functioning in a democratic environment for creating a national army as well as IT cooperation, military to military cooperation, and safeguard maritime security

- Maritime Security Cooperation in Bay of Bengal is needed for the 2 countries

Trade and Commerce

- The mutually agreed target of doubling bilateral trade by the year 2015 was agreed upon

- Both governments also agreed to work to remove numerous impediments to bilateral trade

- Ministers also welcomed the Joint Trade Investment Forum formation

- MoU on capacity building between RBI and Central bank of Myanmar was also stressed on

- Myanmar also agreed to grant a license for Indian Bank to open a branch in Myanmar

- India and Myanmar agreed to participate in trade fairs and share information on trade and investment policies

- Border haats were also set up to finalise mode of operations

Connectivity and Development Cooperation

- Two ministers also stressed emphasis on connectivity between two nations as a means of commercial, tourist, cultural and other exchanges

- Both sides welcomed launch of direct Air India weekly flight on Delgi-Gaya-Yagon route and Golden Myanmar charter flights to India

- 2 sides also agreed to enhance air connectivity through regular commercial flights between India, Myanmar and rest of SE Asia

- Signing of an MoU for a direct Imphal-Mandalay bus service is also for mutual interest apart from formal start of bus service on this route

- Robust cooperation between two countries is being financed under grants and concessional loans by the GoI

- Utilisation of USD 500 million Line of Credit extended by India to Myanmar for development priorities was also lauded

- MoU on India Myanmar Border Area Development was stressed apart from setting up projects at Yangon and Sittwe alongside Advanced Centre for Agricultural Research and Education, Rice Bio Park and Myanmar Institute of Information Technology.

- These institutes will emerge as CoE and GoI’s assistance for India-Myanmar Centre for Enhancement of Information Technology Skills (IMCEITS), Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MIEDC), Myanmar-India Centre for English Language Training (MICELT) and Industrial Training Centres at Pakokku & Myingyan was forthcoming.

- MEA offered financial assistance for small developmental projects in Rakhine, Myanmar

- MEA also send separate delegations for discussing skill development opportunities, solar and wind energy solutions, arid as well as dry land farming in Gujarat and AP

Power and Energy

- The two sides also emphasised for closer cooperation to further energy security

- Possible JVs between India and Myanmar were also discussed

- MoU between India and Myanmar in the field of cooperation of power and renewable energy was also aimed for

Consular and Cultural Matters

- The two ministers stressed on the conservation and restoration of Ananda Temple in Bagan by ASI

- Formalisation of contact between India and Myanmar to exchange views in academic events was also specified

- Formation of India Myanmar Friendship Association was also stressed

- Both sides also pursued the project for restoration of temples, rest house of King Mindon and Bagyidaw in Bodh Gaya

- Festival of India event was organised in Myanmar

Facts and Stats

- Recently, the successful chairmanship of ASEAN by Myanmar was accomplished

- Both India and Myanmar also stressed regional and sub-regional cooperation under the BCIM-EC and the BIMSTEC framework.

- Commitment to support intergovernmental negotiations was expressed

- Both sides also pledged to work together at the time of deliberations in UN fora.
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