Indo-UAE Joint Statement: Highlights

Indo-UAE Joint Statement: Highlights

Question: Indian PM Narendra Modi recently visited the UAE. Provide the highlights of the Indo-UAE joint statement.

PM Narendra Modi visited UAE from August 16 to 17 ; this is the first visit of an Indian PM after 34 years

The highlights of the India UAE Joint Statement are as follows:

- Both sides agreed to elevate the bilateral ties to comprehensive strategic partnership

- They also agreed to coordinate efforts to fight radicalism and misuse of religion by terror groups

- Two sides will facilitate regular exchanges of religious scholars and intellectuals

- They will also organise seminars and conferences to promote peace, tolerance and welfare

- The two sides also denounced and opposed all forms and manifestations of terrorism

- Counter-terrorism operations, intelligence sharing and capacity building were also stressed

- The two sides aimed to collaborate for the adoption of India’s proposed Comprehensive convention on International Terrorism in the United Nations.

- They will also work to regulate and share information on fund flow pertaining to radical activities and their cessation

- Cooperation was also proposed in areas as diverse as law enforcement, anti-money laundering, drug trafficking, other trans-national crimes, extradition arrangements, as well as police training and cyber security, including prevention on use of cyber for terrorism, radicalisation and disturbing social harmony.

- Dialogue between NSAs and NSCs was also stressed as was maritime security and defence relations

- Both sides agreed to manufacture defence equipment in India and work for A peace and cooperation in South Asia, Gulf and West Asia region

- A Strategic Security Dialogue was also formed between the two governments

- India is also emerging as the new frontier of investment and UAE-India Investment Fund was set with the target of USD 75 billion for supporting India for rapid expansion of next generation infrastructure

- Strategic partnership in energy and trade between the two countries and India’s expertise for SMEs for creating a vibrant industrial base in UAE could benefit Indian enterprises

- Cooperation was also emphasised in the fields of space technology and education as well as peaceful use of nuclear energy in fields such as safety, health, agriculture science and technology

- Reform of the UN and P2P contact was also emphasised

Facts and Stats

- India and UAE share ties since centuries with around 2.5 million Indians in UAE

- India is UAE’s second largest trading partner

- UAE is the third largest training partner for India and also its gateway to West Asia and beyond

- India has formed extensive frameworks including economic, defence, security, law enforcement, culture, consular and P2P contacts

- Realising the vision of the Asian Century is the common goal of India and the UAE
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