Initiatives for Boosting Tourism in NE and Rural Areas: Overview

Initiatives for Boosting Tourism in NE and Rural Areas: Overview

Question: What are the initiatives which have been taken by the government for boosting tourism in NE and rural areas? Discuss.

For NE States

Development of tourist infrastructure and products is the primary responsibility of concerned State governments and UT administrations

Ministry of Tourism has identified the following theme based circuits as per the Swadesh Darshan Scheme:

i. North East Circuit
ii. Buddhist Circuit
iii. Himalayan Circuit
iv. Coastal Circuit
v. Krishna Circuit
vi. Desert Circuit
vii. Tribal Circuit
viii. Eco Circuit
ix. Wildlife circuit
x. Rural Circuit
xi. Spiritual Circuit
xii. Ramayana Circuit

- For beautifying and improving the amenities and infrastructure at pilgrim hotspots, destination of Kamakhya has been identified under PRASAD or National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive for the year 2014-2015

- Major infrastructure components under the schemes include the following:

- Upgradation and development of passenger terminals such as road, rail and water transport

- Improvements of road connectivity leading to tourist sites and destinations is yet another positive fallout of both schemes

- Use of clean energy sources can be tried for street lighting

- Wayside amenities associated with emergency vehicular breakdown, repair and refuel facilities

- External infrastructure including water supply, sewerage, electricity, roads and drainage

- First aid centres as well as helipads, airstrips, heliports and ropeways

- Communication system, mobile services, internet connectivity and wi-fi.

- Ministry has also allocated 10% though utilisation has exceed this in past months

For Rural Tourism

- Union Ministry of Tourism has sanctioned 15 Rural Tourism sites for INR 436.29 lakh during 2012-2013

- During 2013-2014, 17 rural tourism sites received funding of INR 131.05 lakh

States where sites of rural tourism have been sanctioned are as follows:

i. Arunachal Pradesh,
ii. Jammu and Kashmir,
iii. Maharashtra,
iv. Meghalaya,
v. Mizoram,
vi. Nagaland,
vii. Uttarakhand,
viii. Punjab
ix. Tripura

- Rural Tourism circuit has been launched under the Swadesh Darshan scheme

- Ministry of Tourism has also put forth a scheme which is part of the Product/Infrastructure Development for Destinations and Circuits Scheme

- Basic objective of this scheme is showcasing rural life, art, heritage and culture in villages

- Core competence in art and craft, handloom, textiles, natural environment and more have been promoted through this scheme

Facts and Stats

- Amount of INR 20 crore has been allocated under PIDDC during 2015-2016

- Central Financial Assistance of up to INR 50 lakh for infrastructure development and around INR 20 lakh for capacity building is provided by State governments/Union Territory Administrations for the sites identified by them.
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