Initiatives of the Department of Youth Affairs

Initiatives of the Department of Youth Affairs

Question: Governance and polity are intrinsically important in the field of youth development. Discuss the initiatives of the Department of Youth Affairs in recent times in this context.

National Youth Policy

- It was launched in February 2014 to highlight the commitment of the nation for the all-round development of the youth in India

- Policy defines youth as persons aged 15 to 29 years

- Vision of the policy is to empower the youth

National Young Leaders Programme

- Department of Youth Affairs has launched a fresh scheme in 2014 named National Young Leaders Programme to enable youth to realise their potential in building the nation

It has two components:

i. Neighbourhood Youth Parliament

ii.Youth for Development Programme

- The programme also involves the youth in around 100 hours of shramadaan or voluntary service for the benefit of the nation

Punarjagran/Rejuvenation Programme

- This is aiming to create a youth movement in the nation creating awareness about programmes and initiatives

- As per this programme, 10000 projects will be launched in 10,000 villages of 100 districts

Support for Election Commission of India Programme of Systematic Voters

Swachh Bharat Mission

- NYKS has undertaken numerous initiatives for focusing the participation of sections of society in mass awareness and efforts to achieve the foal

- Members of NYKs Youth Clubs and NYC volunteers have also helped villagers undertake sanitation and education initiatives in the village

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan/NYKS

It has organised the following programmes :-

- Youth Development Programmes/YCDP

- Training on Youth Leadership and Community Development/TYLCD

- Theme based Awareness and Education Programme

- Promotion of Sports

- Skill Upgradation Training Programmes

- Promotion of Folk Art and Culture

- Observance of days of national and international importance

- District Youth Convention and YuvaKriti

- Award to Outstanding Youth Clubs

NPYAD Programmes

- National Integration Camps

- Youth Leadership and Personality Development Programme/YLPDO

- Life Skill Training for Adolescents/Empowerment of Adolescents

- Adventure Camps (Promotion of Adventure)

Facts and Stats

- NYKS has around 8.43 million youths enrolled in 2.98 lakh youth clubs

- NYKS is present in 623 districts via Nehru Yuva Kendras

- 2,249 YCD programmes involving 1,82,285 youth to strengthen the existing network of youth clubs besides publicising various governments/initiative were organised during 2014-2015.

- 2,469 TYLCD programmes involving 1,10,318 youth to enhance capacity of young people to take leadership to help others were launched during 2014-2015.

- 6,178 theme-based awareness and education programmes involving 5,30,823 youth to create awareness about importance of health and family welfare, sanitation, environment conservation and social concerns amongst youth during was organised during 2014-2015.
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