Initiatives of Tourism Ministry : Overview

Initiatives of Tourism Ministry : Overview

Question: The Indian Tourism sector has immense potential to contribute towards economic development. The Ministry of Tourism has taken various initiatives to attract international travellers. Discuss and provide an overview of these.

Ministry of Tourism has taken numerous initiatives for attracting foreign tourists to the nation which are as follows:

- Launch of e-Tourist Visa for citizens of 77 nations

- Promotion of India as a tourist destination through the Incredible India Campaign

- Involvement in major global tourism travel fairs as well as exhibitions

- Organisation of road shows for promoting tourism destinations and products of nations in major tourist source markets in partnership with stakeholders

- Creation and promotion of Niche Tourism products

- Developing an increased pool of trained manpower within the hospitality and tourism sectors for delivery of quality services to travellers

- Regular domestic ad campaigns in national print and electronic media

- Information booklets for foreign travellers containing important information available at immigration counters of international airports

- Incredible India Helpline operation 24/7 to guide tourists and provide them with help during emergencies

- Ministry of Tourism also provides ongoing promotional activities through electronic, print, online and outdoor media campaigns in foreign markets under the Incredible India brandling

- MoT also supports Indian food and cultural festivals and offers joint advertising and brochure support

- Apart from this, it also has a hospitality programme for inviting media personalities, tour operators and opinion makers to visit the nation

- MoT also provides financial assistance for approved stakeholders and state/UT tourism departments for promoting tourism in overseas markets under the Marketing Development Assistance Scheme

MoT has also launched the following schemes in Budget 2014-2015:

- Swadesh Darshan for integrated development of tourist circuits across certain themes

- National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive is for improving amenities and facilities of pilgrimage centres belonging to different faiths

Facts and Stats

Under Swadesh Darshan, the following 12 theme based circuits have been identified:

- North East Circuit,

- Buddhist Circuit,

- Himalayan Circuit,

- Coastal Circuit,

- Krishna Circuit,

- Desert Circuit,

- Tribal Circuit,

- Eco Circuit,

- Wildlife Circuit,

- Rural Circuit,

- Spiritual Circuit

- Both foreign and domestic tourists are covered under this circuit

PRASAD had initially identified 12 cities which are as following:

- Ajmer,

- Amritsar,

- Amravati,

- Dwarka,

- Gaya,

- Kedarnath,

- Kamakhaya,

- Kanchipuram,

- Mathura,

- Puri,

- Varanasi,

- Velankanni.
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