INS Sardar Patel : Benefits

INS Sardar Patel: Benefits

Question: Establishing new bases for defence forces is a must for protecting the coastline of India. Discuss the benefits of the INS Sardar Patel navel base recently commissioned at Porbandar, Gujarat.

• The Naval Base, INS Sardar Patel at Porbandar in Gujarat was commissioned by CM Anandiben Patel

• Economic development of Gujarat is linked to the sea

• This is also a milestone to augment security infrastructure in coastal states and islands by the Navy

• It will also augment coastal surveillance and maritime security infrastructure in Gujarat

• Gujarat is strategically important; a naval base here will strengthen India’s presence along the coast

• Maritime heritage of Gujarat can be traced to Harrapan times and it has also received a boost through INS Sardar Patel

• This naval base will also provide support to the Navy for strengthening coastal and maritime security

• It will also enhance organisational effectiveness of the Indian Navy and provide logistics support to units deployed in the N. Arabian sea

• This includes forces on the International Maritime Boundary Line with Pakistan(which is of strategic importance)

• The base will also promote coordination and synergy with other governmental maritime agencies

Facts and Stats

• Gujarat has a 1600 km coastline with 43 ports; Kandla is the major port while 31 are minor and 11 are intermediate

• There are 12 single point moorings in the Gulf of Kutch

• Around 120 million tonnes which is 71% of oil and 73% of gas is imported through the gulf

• Gujarat handles 200 million tonnes of cargo per year which is 43% of India’s total maritime trade

• Commodore BR Prakash, VSM, Naval Officer-in-Charge (Gujarat, Diu and Daman) is the current and first Commanding Officer of INS Sardar Patel.
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