INS Vishakapatnam : Features

INS Vishakapatnam : Features

Question: India’s indigenous weapons technology is on course. Discuss the features of the new stealth destroyer of the Navy, INS Vishakhpatnam in this context

INS Vishakapatnam : Features

• The new stealth destroyer of the Indian navy has been christened INS Vishakhpatnam

• It was designed indigenously

• This homegrown stealth destroyer has advanced features

• It is a Kolkata class warship

• It is also the first of P15-B stealth destroyers

• It was launched by M. Dhowan, wife of Chief Naval Staff R. K. Dhowan at Mazgaon Docks Ltd/MDL;

• The ship weighs 3000 tonnes and is 163 metres long

• It will be propelled by 4 gas turbines

• It is designed to achieve speed of more than 30 knots at displacement of around 7300 tonnes

• It will also have state of the art weapon sensors

• INS Vishakapatnam will also have an advance Action Information System

• It will be equipped with Integrated Platform Management System

• It will also have a sophisticated Power Distribution System along with numerous other advanced features

• INS Vishakapatnam will also be fitted with supersonic surface to surface missile system

• This system enables the ship to engage shore based and naval surface targets at long range

• This makes it a lethal platform for striking against enemy targets

• Ship’s air defence capability will counter the threat of enemy aircrafts and anti-ship cruise missiles

• It revolves around a vertical launch

• INS Vishakhpatnam also has long range surface to air missile system

• The ship is equipped with 4 thirty mm rapid fire guns which provide effective naval gunfire support

• The ship will also have homegrown twin tube torpedo launchers and rocket launchers to add to the anti-submarine capability of the ship

• Vessel follows on the line of P15A Kolkata class destroyers with enhanced features

• Vessel is expected to be commissioned in 2018 in the Indian Navy

Facts and Stats

• Indigenisation content in P15-B class destroyers is above the predecessors in line with NDA government’s Make In India policy

• P15-B stealth destroyers have been designed by Directorate of Navy Design

• The aim is to use high end technology to develop weapons, sensors, machines

• At MDL, currently there are 4 destroyers and 6 submarines under development
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