Institutes and job profile in aquaculture field

Institutes and job profile in aquaculture field

I want to pursue bachelors in aquaculture. What work does this field include? Please suggest institutes where I can do this program.

As an aquaculturist you will be responsible for various tasks relating to production and breeding of all varieties of marine produce for utilization and industrial use as well like processing of seafood. These are the main works you might get placed for:

Farm Management: this job will include administrative tasks like site selection, designing and creation of ponds, pond installation, careful live-stocking, water quality supervision, feeding, development, monitoring and risk investigation till it reaches the time of harvesting.

Hatchery Management: includes extensive stock compilation, seeding in artificial conditions, water quality supervision, feeding and rearing up to the post-larva stage, oxygen packing and transportation to farms.

Post-Harvest Management and Processing: taking care of careful export.

Fishery Inspectors: scrutinize export/ import, illegal activities and legal permits.

Fishery Workers: works in deep seas.

Research laboratories: research based aquaculture tasks.

These are institutes you can apply for an admission:

• College of Fisheries- Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
• Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Kakinada
• Central Polytechnic, Chennai
• Marine Product Processing Training centre, Mangalore
• University of Mumbai, Mumbai
• Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
• Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore
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