Internal affairs or foreign tours - What should be PM’s priority?

Internal affairs or foreign tours – What should be PM’s priority?

Rahul Gandhi is back in limelight after he returned from holiday trip and this time it is because of his attacks on the BJP government on parameters of farmers’ poor plight and PM frequent foreign travels. He raised the matter of farmers during Zero Hour and said that he intends to bring the focus of the House on the problems and pain of the state’s farmers. Do you think Rahul Gandhi is right in his charges? Should PM focus more on internal matters rather than focusing in foreign tours?


- The recent suicide by an Indian farmer and the dismal conditions of Indian farmers warrant more attention compared to making good relationships with foreign nations.

- The measures of PM as stated by many are focused on economic development. However, an Indian economy can grow only when there is overall development including agricultural sector.

- Will the Make in India initiative will be really effective if it fails to get support from the labor class people? Also, will they due credit in the entire process. These are the few things that need thorough consideration, failing which rich will continue to get richer while there would be no improvement in status of poor people.

- The ongoing drama and no more schemes announced for the support of farmers clearly indicate that nothing is much done to improve their conditions.


- The dream of transforming India into a major investment and manufacturing hub is only possible through visit to foreign nations.

- PM foreign visits are not coming at a cost of ignorance towards poorer section of India. He launched Mudra Bank, schemes like Jaan Dhan Yojana and campaign like Swwach Bharat Abhiyan.

- The interactions with leaders of various nations including the U.S., Japan, France, Russia and others aim at developing strong relationship with shared stakes in global development. It ultimately supports development of Indian economy.

- India has everything from human power to talent to resources to become a global leader, and that it what PM is aiming for. It will result in overall growth of India.

- A pact was signed when Modi visited France under which French Railways and Indian Railways will work on a semi-high speed rail project.


The PM wants to convert the Make in India dream into reality. There is no problem in it. Even he has succeeded in restoring the lost faith in India. However, it is important for the government to focus more on internal affairs including the agricultural sector. The efforts made to boost the manufacturing activity are visible. However, they are absent in other sectors. So, in all there is a need of balance failing which no plans can make Indian economy a better economy.
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  • RE: Internal affairs or foreign tours – What should be PM’s priority? -Abhishank (06/15/15)
  • When we talk about internal affairs it's not only related to agriculture sector in India. Make in India will only be successful if Narendra modi wont give his full time in semi developed areas like semi-high speed rail project for improving relations , but the important underdeveloped sectors too. Leave agriculture for an instant take another sector DEFENSE. India is the major importer of arms but still lacks in many areas. Infantry people are still using outdated rifles and guns for executing their operations. For now that should be the main concern to develop India and make her prosper from within than take imports from neighboring countries.

    I agree foreign tours wont hamper the development but proper attention to required region does. Modi should be more focused on internal matters.
  • RE: Internal affairs or foreign tours – What should be PM’s priority? -vivek tiwari (05/11/15)
  • Its true that government should focus more on our internal strength such as well being of farmers,labours and other middle class.Otherwise we cant lead our nation to a developped stage.But i see it only a dirty politics thar Mr. Rahul Gandhi was raising the topic of foreign affairs.Forign tours will never affect our internal affairs.They are just two different sections which require their own treatment. Also some scemes have been proposed by the govt. Proper execution is required .Also 1 single primeminister cant look after each and every section of India.Thats why there are many departments.Moreover India is gaining foreign respect and confidence because of our current primeminister capable of taking bold decisions unlike previous one.