Internet is bringing the people closer or is it closing the routes to one to one communication?

Internet is bringing the people closer or is it closing the routes to one to one communication?

What is your opinion? Explain your answer with some examples.

It is a difficult choice to make whether internet is bringing people closer or is it closing the routes to one and one communication.

Due to globalization, it has become a trend that almost in every family; one or more members are stationed in a different state or country. Hence, full family get togethers which were a regular feature of olden days does not exist with that level of precision these days. But due to internet at least they are able to communicate with each other regularly through emails, online chats, web cams etc instead of losing touch with each other due to huge physical distances between them.

Moreover, these forms of communication are dirt cheap and easily affordable by mostly everyone. Internet also gives individuals and businesses more opportunities than ever before to extend their networks and reach out to people they would never meet otherwise.

However, when internet is used to communicate with family members and friends who are very far apart physically, it helps to maintain a touch between them .But when the same internet is used to interact with family members and friends in approachable distance, it is in fact tearing apart the personal bond. If you impart birthday wishes to your best friend who is just a few kilometres away through an e-card, you are misusing internet and allowing it to dilute your social bonding.

Also, spending too much time on internet which is becoming a trend these days gives the family members under the same roof to spend less time with each other and hence, reduces the scope of one to one interaction among them.

Hence, this internet has made world a smaller place by allowing people all over the world to communicate with ease and in no time. And on the other hand, the same internet is responsible for reducing quality family time and personal bonding between people. Hence, it depends from person to person which facet of internet they want to use.

I think Internet is the wildest form of technological advancement till date and it is a matter of self – discipline whether the same is used successfully or disastrously.
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  • RE: Internet is bringing the people closer or is it closing the routes to one to one communication? -rishika jalan (04/14/14)
  • This is a much debatable topic whether internet is bringing us closer is it closing the routes to one to one communication. Undoubtedly, internet is one of the greatest technological advancements in today’s world but along with its benefits it also imposes many negative impacts on people’s lives.
    With the help of the internet, families staying away from each other are able to stay in touch. Children going abroad for their higher education are common nowadays in almost every household. Because of internet parents can talk with and see their children on a daily basis in spite of staying miles apart. Companies operating in different parts of the world can also finalize their deals and conduct conferences through the internet. Such uses of the internet no doubt, bring the society closer. But on the other hand, it also is a major hurdle in one to one communication. People have become so dependent on the uses of the internet that they have forgotten how to value their family and friends. They stay isolated from their families in spite of staying in the same house. And also fail to acknowledge their friends on special occasions.
    Thus, depending on how one uses the facilities provided by the internet, it is either a boon or a misfortune.