Intervention at the Petersburg Climate Dialogue in Berlin: Overview

Intervention at the Petersburg Climate Dialogue in Berlin: Overview

Question : India has stressed that it will work with the global community to find practical, pragmatic and equitable solutions to climate change. Provide an overview of the intervention made by the Environment Minister at the Petersburg Climate Dialogue in Berlin.

At the Petersburg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, the Minister of State(Independent Charge) of Environment, Forest and Climate Change provided the following intervention:

• Every Climate Action has a cost

• World must think who should pay the cost and reiterated the Polluter Pays principle

• Most important issue for the 2015 agreement are concerning differentiation and provision of finance

• Principle of equity and CBDR must encompass all aspects of the 2015 agreement

• India will play a responsible and proactive role in negotiations and work with international experts to find just and equitable solutions to the problem of climate change

• International community must include the concerns of the developing nations in terms of their need for development and meeting fundamental national priorities

• Poor states must be incentivised through monetary means to meet the requirements needed from them

• Draft decision text for Pre 2020 Actions will be developed in June 2015; careful considerations need to underlie this text

• Rapid operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund and provisions for support of adaptation activities and technology transfers as crucial milestones in the process
• COP decision2/CP.15 mentioned scaled up new, additional and adequate funding to be provided to developing countries; this must be adhered to

• India will also take its own actions utilising public and private funds

• Official Development Assistance pegged at 0.7% of GDP of developed nations cannot be termed as new and additional

• Goal agreed is USD 100 billion per year by 2020

• Fast start Finance targets have to be met

• Primacy of public resources and extent to which private investment is expected for adaptation are also important

• Is private investment to be counted as global climate change assistance or flows? Speedy resolution of this is needed

• Climate friendly technologies must be available to developing nations at reasonable prices through payment of the costs via GCF

Facts and Stats

• Principles of Equity and Common But Differentiated Responsibility are fundamental principles of UNFCCC

• This permeates all provisions, commitments, roles and actions under the 1992 convention

• New agreements must be under the convention

• 2015 Agreement must be in line with the convention
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