Intrusion in lives of celebrities is wrong on part of media

Intrusion in lives of celebrities is wrong on part of media

Intrusion in lives of celebrities is wrong on part of media or is it a proce they pay for stardom?

I completely agree to the fact that intrusion in the lives of the celebrities is wrong on the part of media. According to me, everyone deserves a right to privacy and so does celebrities.
Unlike other professions, their profession involves them to contribute to the world in front of the public eyes but that does not mean that they should be denied the right to privacy. The worst part is that most of the things that are published in magazines and tabloids about their private lives are either highly exaggerated or absolutely false. They are purposely manipulated by the media personnel to get highest viewership for their media channel. Everything they do is, may be as simple as going to temple for worship is manipulated into a newsworthy story thereby causing lots of controversies and disturbances in the lives of these celebrities.

Actually, we are living in a society where there is a complete addiction to celebrity culture. People are more interested in their real lives than reel lives. And media tries to fulfil these desires of the public by intruding into the lives of celebrities and extracting as much information as possible and fabricating the same to satisfy the public and create a wave for themselves.

The worst form of media intervention is done by the paparazzi who put their as well as celebrity’s life at risk just to get a photograph. So many times, celebrities are heard confessing that they feel extremely scared and uncomfortable due to paparazzi but unfortunately, there are no rules which can determine which actions of paparazzi are acceptable and which are non-acceptable.

Celebrities do have an emotional corner and the public should respect that. Making their broken marriages / affairs public and encashing entertainment factor on the same is not ethical. Their profession is to entertain the masses which they do with the help of their movies and music albums. Beyond that it is their personal life, just like we have a personal life. They also have secrets just like we have.

They should have the leverage of deciding what part of their private life they want to make public. Media should know its limits and should operate within those limits so that the privacy and dignity of the celebrities is maintained.
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