Invasion of privacy and right of press

Invasion of privacy and right of press

Question - Write a short on Invasion of Privacy. Does the press have the right to intrude into the privacy of an individual?

Invasion of privacy

It is defined as the unjustified access of someone to the personal space of another individual without his/her permission or knowledge.

Right to privacy

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution states, “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. “

The term “life” includes all the aspects which make a man's life complete and meaningful.

The right to privacy is also applicable to prisoners or convicts.

Fundamental Right

In the year 1994, the Supreme Court of India recognized the 'right to privacy' as a fundamental right.

Privacy Bill

The privacy bill states that every citizen has the right to his/her privacy which includes his/her personal matters, telephonic conversations, e-mails or other modes of communication, confidentiality of his family life, privacy from surveillance, confidentiality of his financial transactions, medical and legal information.

In June 2011 India passed a new privacy package which included various rules that were applied to companies and consumers.

How does the Internet threaten privacy ?

There are cookies and spyware that are installed in the PCs, usually without the permission of the user. It sends information to various systems which can be used for malicious purposes.

Does the press have the right to intrude into the privacy of an individual ?

No, as per the Press Council of India, the press does not have the right to intrude into the privacy of an individual. If a subject becomes a matter of public interest, the right to privacy no longer exists. In such cases the matter is open for press and public comments.


Right to privacy is an essential part of an individual's life and liberty. Today, this right is gaining a lot of importance. Every individual needs his/her private space in life. We do not owe an explanation to the entire world.
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