Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government?

Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government?

‘Democracy’ is perceived as an ideal form of government and political system. There are several nations that have adopted democratic form of government. It indicates supreme power that is vested in the hands of the citizens. It is people who elect the leaders that will represent them. Democracy can de termed as orientation and political system by the people or for the people. The most famous form of government entails several advantages but is also tied to some drawbacks. Let us debate on the topic, Is Democracy an ideal form of government?


- Real power remains with people as they have the right to elect their representatives. The economic, social and political interests of individuals are best met under the democratic system.

- Democracy is based on the concept of equality. It classifies all the citizens of a nation or a state as equal and no discrimination is made on the basis of caste, sex, religion or property.

- Democracy is recognized for its firmness, stability and efficiency. The representatives are elected by people and therefore relatively a stable government is formed.

- Democracy can be called as the very first institution for becoming good citizens. Individuals learn about their rights and duties starting from birth.

- It is democracy that can pave way for revolutionary changes without use of violence. People feel as an integral part of system.

- Democracy is less arbitrary than other forms of government. It restrains several instances like powerful small minority exploits a disenfranchised, large majority.

- Power decentralization is strength of democracy.


- It won’t be wrong to connect democracy with the misuse of public funds and time. It takes time in law formulation and lots of money is spent during election.

- Not all people in a democratic nation are aware of social and political circumstances in their nation. Some of the people are not even aware with political issues and therefore can elect wrong leaders.

- It lays more emphasis on quantity instead of quality when it comes to terms of services. Also, any wrong selection can lead to incompetent government.

- The form of government is manipulated by its selection process as it may become victim of voter fraud. Also, decisions may suffer due to voter retaliation or intimidation.

- In unadulterated form of democracy, it is almost impossible to control the majority from using the small minority.

- An inadequately formed government will cause a specific problem every there they come together for formulating polices for enactment.

- Autocracy form of government provides better economic growth compared to democratic political system. There are no reasons for dissent in an autocratic government and therefore no one can obstruct large infrastructure projects.

- There are many nations where democracy is only about money. The United States is the apparent example where millions of dollars are spent on elections and glitzy advertising campaigns. Autocracy doesn’t spend money on such events.

- Democracy is the main cause behind corruption which ultimately leads to poverty.

- Democracy leads to illiberal outcomes particularly in nations where there is deep ethnic division. For instance, Yugoslavia. Slobodan Milosevic left a legacy of over 200,000 people dead in Bosnia and ethnically wiped out over 800,000 Albanians from their houses in Kosovo.

- Power Decentralization benefit of democracy is largely restricted through information control.


The simple answer for debate is one size doesn’t fit all. Democracy can not be called as an ideal form of government. However, it is comparatively better than other forms of government. The role of government is not to govern people and this is what democracy is all about. At least people have a chance to speak up their minds or elect their representatives, which is not feasible option in other forms of government.
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  • RE: Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government? -Ashutosh Tiwari (03/20/15)
  • It is true that Democracy is not an ideal but comparatively better form of government than other forms. People can exercise their voting rights to fulfill their social-economic and political interest which in turn certainly going to enhance our economic growth.As far as demerits are concerned in this world nothing is perfect.There are some shortcomings in each and every form of government.So ,it depends on the people of states to act wisely in order to have a constant and sustainable development.Be it any form of government it,s people who decide the fate of a nation.
  • RE: Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government? -Deepa Kaushik (03/17/15)
  • There is nothing like a strict line in the practical life. Exceptions are a rule in the factual world. On the similar note, we cannot stamp any form of Governance as ideal. Anyhow, we can analyse the pros and cons of the different form of Governance and opt for the better proposal which could help the citizens in better standard of living with a safe and secure place to reside.

    Democracy, by far, can be considered the better form of Governance. The Government which should be ideally established and run by the people would obviously attract most votes. Still, we can hardly find the democracy being followed on correct guidelines. People find the loopholes way ahead than understanding the original regulations of the Governance.

    Democratic set-up undoubtedly faces serious issues due to the poor literacy rate and ignorance of happenings in the country by the common man. this ignorance often demands heavy penalty in the form of power and authority into wrong hands. To prevent such weird decisions, the majority population that carries the veto power should be literate and aware of worldly happenings to establish an Actual Democratic government. In case the people are unable to opt an appropriate leader, the same democracy that gives immense power to the citizens, bears the ability to destroy all their liveliness.

    Hence, we need to have an environment conscious population to grade democracy as an ideal form of Government.
  • RE: Is Democracy An Ideal Form Of Government? -Priya singh (03/17/15)
  • Hello friends
    democracy is better than any form of gov that y we considered is as ideal form of government .as we all living in a democratic country where people r supreme power Without our support no government formation takes place .
    but in other form of government king or d person who rule is considered as suprem power his decision is correct n we all have to obey it .but democracy is for d people by d people . There is freedom to speak to express .thats y it considered as ideal form of government