Is FIFA right in choosing Qatar as host for 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Is FIFA right in choosing Qatar as host for 2022 FIFA World Cup?

FIFA, as usual is again in news for not so good reasons. It is facing the harsh criticism of the lovers of Football and the other authorities for choosing Qatar as the venue for 2022 FIFA World Cup. Even the people are not happy with its decision of finalizing Russia for 2018 World Cup. Despite the heavy criticisms, FIFA is firm on keeping the two countries as host of FIFA World Cup? Do you think FIFA made a right choice of venues?


• FIFA wants to arrange the football tournament around the globe and therefore, it is not a bad choice. It is also about the social and cultural importance.

• Qatar will be the first country from the Middle East to host the FIFA world Cup. It is also a first Muslim country to do so.

• Qatar has a hot climate but then it has committed to construct fully air=-conditioned stadiums that will also have retractable roofs.

• FIFA believes in globalization and the choice of Qatar proves it point in allowing other emerging countries to be a part of the prestigious tournament.

• Qatar has already started the construction of the stadiums which will be sent off to the poor countries after the Cup. It is quite a noble thought.


• When the association itself is admitting that they made a mistake by planning tournament in Qatar, what else should be said?

• Qatar is a very hot place and the tournament is kept in the summers making it a tough game for the players as well as the viewers.

• FIFA didn’t follow a transparent process to finalize the destination, and the reason itself makes the destination wrong.

• Russia and even the Qatar are considered as the countries with the poorest technical reports for the prestigious tournament.

• US, Japan, South Korea and Australia have already hosted the football world cups. The countries have experience as well as resources to host the tournament.

• It is necessary to talk about the workers who are building the tournament infrastructure in Qatar. They are suffering as they have to work under the poor conditions.


Any decision made has always some supporters and some protestors. But when the criticisms keep on going, certainly it is a matter of concern. It suggests that somewhere something is wrong. Qatar is making all the necessary arrangement for the World Cup but still people are not convinced with the words. FIFA should review its decision of finalizing Qatar as the host for the 2022 World Cup.
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  • RE: Is FIFA right in choosing Qatar as host for 2022 FIFA World Cup? -deepak (06/17/14)
  • recently news some media that QATAR official bribed to fifa officail million of dollars so it can leads to corruption.So because of this speculation it image has been tarnished So fifa found new venue for the beautiful game.

    Apart from qatar is a hot country playing footbal there unbearable .it can lead to dehydration of players .
  • RE: Is FIFA right in choosing Qatar as host for 2022 FIFA World Cup? -Deepa Kaushik (06/13/14)
  • If FIFA aims to go ahead with the globalization of the game, then the move and the stubbornness in refusing to change the place is appreciable. Any stern decision done for the benefit of the game is worth welcoming. But FIFA should have thought of the pros and cons before passing its decision, and they need to have the convincing statements in favour of their choice of the place.

    The note that Qatar is a hot country is an acceptable fact. But as a player, they need to be well trained and their body should combat every weather circumstances. This is what, is the commitment of fitness in the sportsmen, in comparison to common man. We cannot avoid Qatar for being a hot country, and this would be an unfair means of holding back the tournament for this reason.

    Qatar has already committed and started working on developing a fully air-conditioned stadium. Despite the difficulties that they face in the construction, if the country is happy to host the tournament, then there should not be any justified reason for the denial of the tournament in the country. Even if FIFA, or the players, or the football fans feel the decision of the choice of the country to be wrong, then they should come up with some strong point in favour of their notion, for FIFA to look forward for any change in their decision.