Is ignorance bliss?

Is ignorance bliss?

Remember the famous lines of Thomas Gray’s poem, “Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise,” meaning that it is better to be unaware of something rather than comfort of knowing it. The lines reveal the two perspectives of poet where at one side he calls ignorance is bliss and at the other side states knowledge as misery. There are times when people say that it was better that I was not aware about the facts. Do you think Gray pointed out a key part of our life? Is ignorance really bliss?


• Gray pictures days of youth while writing this lines. Somewhere it is true as children and youngsters do not have the burdens similar to that of adults, and the ignorance of harsh life becomes a reason for their happiness.

• Ignorance is the second name for curiosity that leads a person on the path of his search to knowledge. So, indeed ignorance is first step to knowledge.

• Ignorance is good especially in the cases when too much of information becomes a cause of problems in life.

• Knowledge creates logics, logics create contradictions, contradictions create problems and hence knowledge becomes problem.

• Ignorance towards negative actions, negative thoughts and negative persons is definitely a good thing.


• A child has to turn into an adult someday, and ignorance can no longer serve as bliss. Moreover, its innocence and not ignorance that leads to happiness in a child.

• The two meaning "ignorance is bliss" and "knowledge is misery" cannot contradict each other. If ignorance is first step towards knowledge, it indicates that it is the first step towards misery.

• Ignorance towards certain areas in life like drugs, addictions, relations, health, career etc can lead to unhappiness and problems in life.

• Growing up is a part of life, and knowledge is a part of growing process, and it doesn’t lead a person to misery. Knowledge in fact allows a person to differentiate between right and wrong.

• If you are an adult, and you follow the concept of "ignorance is bliss", it indicates that you are inviting STD to be a part of your life in future.

• Stock market is one sector where people follow the path of ignorance and make their life miserable.

There are two types of people, one who search for meaning of life, and the others who search for their individual goals in life. These two are entirely different concepts as life is same for everyone but goals differ from person to person. The search can lead to knowledge, and it in turn can lead to happiness. However, here the question is not whether knowledge can lead to happiness, but it is whether ignorance can be called as bliss. Well, there are exceptional cases when it can be called as bliss, otherwise being ignorant is like giving invitation to unending problems in life.
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  • RE: Is ignorance bliss? -Deepa Kaushik (11/25/14)
  • This quote requires a supporting quote “Little Knowledge is a dangerous Thing”. When we say Ignorance is Bliss, it just covers one half of the whole picture. Life is a unique composition of grey, which is neither white or black. It is the human tendency that we just look to the negatives of life and tend to forget the smiling days very easily.

    Ignorance becomes a bliss when we can skip the negativities of life. It is very true that rather than happy times, if the bitter times gets overlooked, that would be a great boon for the living beings. Definitely ignorance is all that is preferred to pass on the black times without getting into its bitterness. But we might not feel the same if we are ignorant for some happier notes.

    We can instead call Innocence to be Bliss, rather than ignorance. It is always good to know everything to its entirety in order to have confidence in our personality. This confidence is often the stepping stone for success in life. It is not necessary to use all the knowledge, but knowledge should be used as a handy tool. Ignorance will fail us many a times in the faster moving life.

    Hence, to be precise, ignorance is an obstacle to success. A blissful life is always with knowledge in its entirety along with the charm to use the knowledge appropriately.