Is IT going to have more negative impact than positive in future?

The last two decades have been the decades of positive development in IT but the future developments are going to have more negative impact than positive.

Do you agree with the statement? Take a stand and build up your arguements around it.

Information Technology has been a game changer for the country in the last two decades. From being a sleepy economy to a high growth one, the contribution of IT certainly is on the top for taking India on to the road map of prosperity.

Since technology has played a vital role in the development of the country, the importance of IT in our daily lives has greatly increased. Companies such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL have already become global giants which is also evident from the fact that some of them are listed in stock exchanges of US & UK. IT firms have not just been able to hire millions of youth passing out of engineering colleges every year but have also provided them with lucrative careers. Information Technology has facilitated communication between friends and family. Other than that, one can get any information from the internet without running helter-skelter.

But, IT has also made the Indian youth more lethargic besides limiting their thinking. Since IT is a lucrative career option, a large number of non IT students either opt of their existing courses or pursue a language course independently from an institute.

This has resulted in massive shortfall of engineers in domain of civil, mechanical, Chemical amongst others. This imbalance can greatly impact India’s crucial sectors resulting in critical manpower shortage. The biggest impact of IT over the next few decades may be with respect to the health. Long hours in front of the computer can cause harm to eyes as well as affect the body.

Other than this, the access to large scale sensitive data can lead to cyber crime. A growing number of cases have already emerged in the recent past and with systems still not protected well enough; the possibilities of cyber crime are going to become multifold in the future.

The proliferation of IT has also led to people becoming more isolated and distracted. People are engrossed in their gadgets so much that they sometimes just forget to acknowledge the presence of others. Also, the emergence of information technology has led to more of plagiarism. Hence, books and publishing industry are dealing with the challenges posed by Information Technology. Unfortunately, the dependence on technology has increased so much that the actual thinking capacity of a human being has reduced.

Information Technology has definitely contributed in improving everything in the world but its seemingly trivial side effects are likely to affect people in the future.
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