Is it necessary to obtain a professional degree to become a Sommelier?

Is it necessary to obtain a professional degree to become a Sommelier?

No, it is not mandatory to get a professional degree but it is advisable to get certified as one. You can get certified under any of the above mentioned institutes.

Importance of Certification:

-It will increase your chances of getting hired by a high quality restaurant or a company.
-It will increase your chances to earn more.
-It will increase your respect in the industry.
-You will be able to attend various events which you may not be able to attend otherwise.

You can get a sommelier certificate course from an accredited, internationally-recognised institution.
The levels start from Beginner’s to intermediate and advanced.
The highest certification is that of Master Sommelier, offered by the Court of Master Sommeliers, UK

What is the eligibility criteria to become a Sommelier?

-The basic requirement is to get a 10+2 pass certificate
-You should have adequate knowledge about wines while applying.
-You should be able to pronounce the names of wines and the regions which produce it.
-So if you are going abroad, you should be well apt with the various languages.
-You should take up a course which will help you learn languages like French, Italian and German.
-After getting a professional course in wine tasting, you should get a good amount of experience if you are considering it as a long term profession.
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