Is it necessary to specify hobby in the main examination form? - UPSC interview

Is it necessary to specify hobby in the main examination form? To be honest, I do not remember pursuing any hobby after high school since work pressure and exam preparations left no time for any recreational activity. Should I mention sporting activities and reading books as these were my earlier hobbies? Would it be wise to specify hobby from the point of view that it should create a good impression in the mind of the interviewer like social activity?

The questions for the personality test will be based on the fields in the application forms and you are most likely to be asked a couple of questions based directly on your hobbies. It is advisable that you specify a hobby and prepare well for questions that could be asked from that field. Hobby related question is most likely to be a predictable opportune question and missing this would be imprudent.

It is understandable that the preparation and job leaves no time for following hobbies but you will most likely not miss this question. Yes, you can mention the hobbies that you pursued earlier. Just keep it noted that you will have to catch up with details related to that particular hobby at the time of interview preparations. Prepare yourself to every possible question that could be asked related to your hobby.

To make this easier, it is wise to be more specific about your hobbies. If you mention reading books, that leaves a whole lot to know and you can never be sure what the interviewer might ask you so rather go for specific genre of books that you preferred and those that you can skill refresh like you can mention reading novels, fictions, classics, magazines or journals. This way you get a specific kind of genre to prepare for and be ready for questions that can be related.

Similarly, mentioning sporting activities can be a broad category. Go for specific sports that you played or indulged in like you can mention playing chess, football, or cricket. This will give you a better understanding to what to expect and what to be prepared for. Choose fields that are easier to stay updated on alongside your other preparations.

Mentioning something just for the purpose of impressing the interviewer is a mistake. You might get caught and land yourself in oblivious trouble with questions that you have no knowledge of. Unless you are really into social activity or have actually done something that can be called social activity, do not mention it under your hobby. The interviewer is going to be clever enough not to judge by what is written on the form. He will be looking for how well your answers justify what you wrote in the form. Good luck!
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