Is LK Advani's fear of another emergency valid?

Is LK Advani's fear of another emergency valid?


The emergency of 1975 which was imposed by the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was the darkest period in the history of Indian democracy. During the period of emergency, fundamental rights were suspended and censorship was imposed on the press. It also led to the arrest of a lot of important political leaders.

The concern regarding emergency has once again cropped up in the country. L.K Advani, a senior most leader of BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) has expressed his fear over another emergency in the country.

Let's take a look on whether his fear of another emergency is valid or not?

Yes – His fear regarding another emergency is valid.

1. Concept of dictatorship – Leaders from the opposition as well as a few leaders from BJP, believe that the country is facing a dictatorship rule. According to their views, the country is not democratic at present and the attitude of dictatorship is being reflected in the system.

2. Media scenario – The media is regarded as a main pillar of democracy and today, it is also badly affected in terms of ethics and morality. Advani has concerns over the non formal institutions than about the formal institutions.

3. Recent controversies – The recent controversies involving the two women leaders of the party – Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje are also a cause for Advani's concern. Modi has declared a silence over the entire issue as he has accepted the Swaraj – Lalit issue. All these scams have resulted in a fear of emergency.

4. Anti – democracy – According to the statement given by LK Advani, the present forces are crushing the democracy. The political leadership is weak and thus, it may face an emergency anytime soon.

No – His fear regarding another emergency is not valid.

1. No comparison required – Advani compared the emergency of 1975 with the present situation. This has led to a fear of an emergency within him. In 1975, Mrs Gandhi imposed the emergency to save herself from extinction in her hour of political destruction. But Mr Modi has no such fear and he can use a strong hand to wipe off the evil from our political system. The comparison is absolutely not required.

2. Smooth functioning – Since the Modi government came into power, India witnessed a tremendous development in all the sectors. A lot of schemes have been introduced by the government for the citizens of India. Initiatives like “Make in India” have provided a lot of employment opportunities to lakhs of people. Advani's fear of another emergency under such a government is not logical.

3.Aims at institution – Leaders of the RSS party believe that Advani expressed his fear of an emergency due to the weak institutions and not the Prime Minister. Institutions can be developed and steps can be taken to make them stronger. Declaring a strong concern over such an issue is not at all valid.


In 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed an emergency in India to safeguard her own political and personal interests. India's strength has always been its vibrant democracy.

Being the senior most leader and counting the years of experience, the fear expressed by LK Advani should not be taken lightly. The recent controversies including Ms Swaraj and Ms Raje and with the opposition demanding their resignation, is a great drawback for the Modi led government.

If the present situation is pointing towards an emergency in the country, the government should take necessary steps to improve the functioning of every institutions. Corrupt leaders should be thrown out of their seats in order to create a corrupt – free India and to save the nation from an emergency.
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  • RE: Is LK Advani's fear of another emergency valid? -Deepa Kaushik (06/23/15)
  • L K Advani is one of the elders leaders in Indian political system. If he expresses some fear of emegergency, the matter should definitely be taken into consideration. Though we cannot say that the fear is very much valid and it is a confirmed foreseen situation of our country, yet we should not take all this lightly and need to put some light over this matter.

    The concerns in the present era in the Modi-led government are directing some agitations especially following the Modi-Swaraj-Raje controversies in air. The media reflecting the issues and making a hype of the things makes the situation more worse. Also some of the important positions being vacat like the CIC etc. adds on to the worry.

    Still we cannot compare this with the past emergency during Indira Gandhi's period. The emergency declared then was just to protect her own political stability, however things are much different now. Modi-led government is not at all-that worse situation. But over PM should seriously think over this concern raised by Advani and should take relevant steps at the earliest.