Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business?

Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business?


Education is not a key to success all the time but great ideas are. Having great ideas can separate people from rest of the world.

Management education is an academic discipline by which students are taught to be great business leaders, managers etc in business education.

In present scenario, with every student planning to get into MBA, people have started believing that MBA is necessary to succeed in business. But is it necessary to have a MBA background to be a success in business?

Yes – MBA is necessary.

1. Management of two P's – MBA is important because every successful business man in the country should manage both the product and people in an efficient manner. People those who do not possess any managerial skills, should take up MBA course to improve the knowledge of management.

2. Essential ingredient – Management education is necessary because management is considered to be the backbone of a business. To generate a creative idea, managerial skills are important. These skills can be imparted only while pursuing an MBA course. Today, most of the companies have people with a MBA background.

3. Inculcates professionalism – Management education or MBA is necessary as it inculcates professionalism within an employee. Having an MBA degree helps an employee to not only gain experience but also to complete the work efficiently, without making much mistakes. They learn to manage the business with the theoretical and practical knowledge. It trains you to excel in business without much loss.

4. Good job opportunity – The more education you have, the better career opportunities you meet. Having an MBA degree provides various good job opportunities to an employee. Most of the large business firms, hire people who have a strong background in MBA. Having a masters degree in business administration leads to successful career paths.

5. Decision process – MBA course trains a person to take a decision after considering all the factors. Having an MBA degree is an added advantage to the professionals as they can make the decision faster.

No – MBA is not necessary.

1. Need skills, not degree – To become a successful business man, a person needs skills rather than a degree. He should possess qualities such as good communication skills, sincerity, and good leadership. He / she should have inner ability, clear goals, strong confidence level and concurrent thoughts. Instilling these skills within oneself, is the best way to succeed in this field.

2. Practical Knowledge – Management is not about having bookish knowledge but about having the practical knowledge and how to apply it in our day to day working. It is all about managing ourselves in front of others. Thus, you do not have to waste money to get a MBA degree.

3. Proven in history – History proves that management education or MBA is not necessary to be successful in business. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell, did not have a MBA degree, yet he succeeded due to his great business instincts. People like Dhirubai Ambani, Ratan Tata etc became business tycoons without going through a management education.


Pursing an MBA degree or not is up to the choice of a person. Having an additional qualification is always a better option.

Having an MBA degree can be useful at some time in your career, if you are aspiring to be a successful business man. It is not just a piece of paper but it carries a lot of value and significance.

Today, most of the aspiring businesses people, pursue MBA as strong career support.
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  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Riya (07/15/20)
  • MBA is only useful if the business is up and running and not during its inception. It is also not necessary that an MBA will be able to execute a business plan effectively. 60% of all the top CEOs in India do not have an MBA degree to their names. No one knows your business better than yourself; if you gain the right knowledge through experience an MBA becomes irrelevant.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -turai ravinder kumar (08/18/18)
  • yes its needed.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Ayushi.Sharma (12/01/17)
  • No MBA is not necessary to successful in business
    if the person have a knowledge he can easily survive in businesss
    there is no need of bookiish knowledge
    for businesss market knowledge is important and positive attitude, self confidence they are Important for business nor the bookish knowledge required
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Madhu MSV (11/22/15)
  • actually the person who has knowledge he didn't require any MBA or mca or anything else MBA or education is necessary for only theoretical knowledge but in present generation theoretical knowledge is not much useful comparing with practical knowledge.
    first of all know you.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Madhu MSV (11/22/15)
  • this articles boost me up thanks for writing
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -monica (07/08/15)
  • according to my point of view mba is a professional degree , it has nothing to do with success in business . as now a days mba is one of the important degree from the students point of view in getting good jobs.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -sanulatajena (07/04/15)
  • Ya its necessary mba is the key of business for growing up,without it you cant be a perfect business all guy my suggestion is to you pls do mba for being a perfect business man,it will help to reach towards your dream.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Deepa Kaushik (06/19/15)
  • MBA is a formof education, an aid which could guide the individual towards the path of business. However, we cannot tag MBA degree to be sure form of success for those involved in business. MBA,like any other degree teaches the professionalism. It depends on the student who grasps as per his ability which could take him to the path of success.

    All those who are successful in business are not MBA degree holders, at the same time all the MBA holders don't excel in business.The success in business comes from talent and the aptitude to do good and fair trade. The trading and business secrets cannot be imparted through bookish texts and preaching education. Those interested and having a good business aptitude can achieve success even without doing an MBA degree. Still, if such a person goes through the MBA course, he can benefit well with the additional knowledge from those texts.

    All the MBA holders are not successful businessman. Instead, we are living in an era here every next individual goes ahead to pursue MBA degree just in the lure of getting high-paying jobs. people move out of their field for employment and do an MBA degree. Managerial skills comes from experience andpractical learning and not from the degree course of MBA. hence, MBA is a good aid to the talented individuals in their path of success and not the soul authentication for the roads of success in business.
  • RE: Is MBA necessary to be a successful in business? -Maverick (06/18/15)
  • MBA is merely a degree. It doesn't ensure success. But one thing is for sure , a nation starved with unemployment one needs to stand out amongst the rest which degree like MBA provides! It's a fact that a MBA degree holder is more probable to get a better job. As stated earlier if u possess business acumen , MBA is not a compulsion like in case of most of the business tycoons. But we need to think pragmatically. So a/c to me , though MBA is just a degree it sure does buys u a ticket to success!