Is NDA Government concerned of being politically unpopular?

Is NDA Government concerned of being politically unpopular?

It is more than one year since the new government came into action, and yet they are unwilling to take any bold measure that might need legislative sanction. The attitude of the National Democratic Alliance government reveals that they are not prepared to attract any form of criticisms from voters, even at a time when next general election is almost four years away. This performance of NDA government signals that they do not want to annoy important sections of the electorate. Do you think so? Let us discuss the topic: Is NDA Government concerned of being politically unpopular?


- There is a grave concern being noticed within minorities section, which became evident in the Gujarat riots recorded in this week. There is a hard-line ‘Hindutva’ element being forced by some extreme groups. It is an area where Indians want to see a decisive and strong leadership on controlling hard-line voices.

- The Seventh Pay Commission recommendations will be coming out in the next few weeks. It is the time the government should get worry over its finances. Despite all this, the government doesn’t appear to be taking necessary steps in the same regard.

- There is an increasing pressure on the government to accept ‘One Rank One Pension’ concept for the defense forces, which was an electoral commitment of NDA government. If it gets approved, it will further increase government's fiscal woes.

- The government should understand that there is a time limit to implement the proposed changes, and if that doesn’t happen within the defined time, the economy will continue to bear huge costs.

- The decision to discard the privatization plan of Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata and Chennai airports defies economic logic. The government dropped the plan because of protests by few thousand existing employees.


- The ruling government has done everything that it can do to improve the situations that previous government had left behind.

- PM Narendra Modi took the initiative to spread a powerful message to the SAARC nations and the international community including the contentious neighbors China and Pakistan.

- The success of PM Narendra Modi can be gauged from the fact that he appeared on the cover of the TIME magazine.

- When the NDA government took realm, the CAD was serious and inflation was at record high. FM took some serious measure to revive the Indian economy. One year down, it can be said that the Indian economy is on recovery path with clear indications of growth in FY 2016-17.

- The PM has been trying hard to pass the GST Bill. However, the political one-upmanship has become an obstacle in the way of the bill.


The initial euphoria of PM Narendra Modi paved wave for pragmatic reality of politics in India and today, the probability is highly circumspect. Overall, Indians are delighted with the way the PM has taken upon the responsibility to push ‘Brand India’ but they are disappointed with the way the reforms are coming. In addition, the problems like Lalitgate and education credentials of Smriti Irani are posing several questions on the credibility of the government.
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  • RE: Is NDA Government concerned of being politically unpopular? -Deepa Kaushik (08/27/15)
  • NDA Government is playing smart politics so far. They have done something just to count-on. But the actual situation of our country hasn't moved even an inch in the positive direction. Still, the citizens cannot claim that the ruling Government is sitting ideally without any sort of countable work for the nation and its citizens.

    Our PM and the BJP pre-election campaign spoke a lot. They talked of resolving the burning concerns and bringing in positive reforms. Undoubtedly our PM is continuously going on world tour right from the time he came on power. He has brought in some deals for different countries which could bring in good economic development according to his futuire vision. He has earned immense name and fame for himself and has become an international figure. Though we might not achieve PM's vision, still India is in the limelight with PM Modi on universal front.

    NDA Government forgot the basic criteria of winning the masses by relieving them of their day-to-day hassles. The first thing should be put first. NDA Government has failed in prioritising things. The law and order situation of the country, and the extensively weeded corruption across the country should have been the foremost aim to be weeded-out. Any reform or project or business can be successfully established only if we can resolve these two major concerns which has endangered the peace of the citizens.

    Though we can say that they are incorrect in prioritising, still, they are smart people to overlook such things that could lead them to the unescapable pit. PM is well aware of the loopholes in his own Government and ministers. He is in a fix that he can neither speak in favour, nor against his own Government. So, is his cunning and smart move to remain mute for all burning issues and equations. Though the issues like Lalitgate and Smiri Irani fake degree is burning the entire nation, he is hardly concerned to get involved in these matters. His escapisim very clearly indicates that he is concerned of his name and fame which might get washed away with any of his comments. Our PM has immense potential to get our country back on track. All he requires is good set of people to help him perform his visionaries on correct path. Hence, as of now, NDA is doing smart work in their hard times to escape being politically unpopular.